SJTUSM Students held "wordless praise" activity to thank and remember "the body teachers"

It was cloudy outside anddignifiedaround people. 547 names flashedon the projection screen in silence. On the noon of April 4, SJTUSM “silent” gratitude memorial was held in the library. Voluntary students participated in the activities and offered yellow chrysanthemum to express their feelings. 

“I don‘t know who you are, but I thank you for teaching me who I am,” said Yuan Yihang, who attended an anatomy class last year. Yuan Yihang shared his gratitude to the body teachers. “They showed me the amazing and delicate human structure. No matter how advanced science and technology, how fineprinted books, we can’t understand how precise the human structure is or understand how perfectly nerve through the muscles in the clearance and dominate its movement. Medicine is a subject so precise as to be impossible to achieve. It is impossible to imagine how many tragedies it would cause to operate on a patient recklessly if only the knowledge constructed from books could be relied on. It is the selfless dedication of the body teacher to reveal the profound and obscure anatomical knowledge buried in the texture. Every section anatomy class we take human anatomy textbooks again and again through memory, is fully prepared for the preview and not one knife. Don‘t put the important structure destruction and we will learn to play to the largest efficiency.” 

The donors, who lived a varied and varied life, died with unselfish love and chose to contribute to the development of medicine, giving them the same name as “body teachers.” According to the registration dataprovided by the head of the Red Cross SJTUSM, at least 14 alumni in SJTUSM has realized the donation, selfless to give back to his mother college, and helped medical students to grow. Many more loving people in the society, since 2014, have offered to become body teacher with a total of 547. SJTUSM expressed “humanitarian, fraternity and dedication” of the spirit. 

SJTUSM Red Cross volunteers club President Chen Xinyi also shared her understanding that “the first time to witness the body teachers and solemnly swearmakes these ordinary college studentsrealize thatthe body teachers showed love and gratitude. Students sawbody teachers quietly lying down, as if waiting for a baptism, calm and fearless. It was beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves. This is one of the best on what is a life and death, what is the meaning of life education. 

”I am a doctor, just like you ever also studying here. We admire body teachers and now I become a donor families. I know his remains become a contribution to the medical enterprise, to explore important significance in the field of medicine unknown.“ A family member of a body donor was also present, and she shared with her classmates her understanding of the donation: ”life has an end and life continues in sacrifice.“ The body donor, also a doctor and a graduate of SJTUSM, died after dedicating his body to his mother college, which trained him and led him. Human anatomy is a compulsory course for medical students. 

It is not only a course to teach basic knowledge of medicine, but also a course to anchor the primary mind of medicine. Anatomy class, therefore, is the first lesson in the teacher’s opening ceremony. The teachers will share in the teacher‘s story in class and solemnly tellbody teachers’ words - ”you will become a doctor in the future, I will give my body to you. You can make dozens or hundreds of mistakes on me, and never make a mistake on a patient in the future!“ 

The ceremony was brief but sincere. Since 2011, SJTUSM launched memorial theme activitieson the Qingming Festival, advocating respect for body teachers and experimental animals. In the eighth year, medical students hope to use this small action to generally express sincere thanks to the teacher and their families.