VR immersion therapy brings new hope to the “star kids”

On April 1, a seminar on the application of immersive computing and artificial intelligence technology in autism intervention was held in Shanghai.On April 2, on the arrival of world autism day,experts from Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine affiliated Mental Health Center joined hands in scientists from Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering of scientists bring new hope with their own professional expertise to the group called the “star kids”.

Virtual reality (VR) not only brings entertainment, but also plays a role in the treatment of diseases.New technologies, such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, have brought about new changes in autism adjuvant therapy, attracting attention from government agencies, industry associations, medical and rehabilitation institutions and technology companies.

Wen Hong, chairman of the Chinese society of mental disabled persons and relatives and friends, pointed out that autistic children need the attention and care of the public, and the whole society should do its best to help them.Zhang Kan, director of the Shanghai health and family planning commission‘s office of science and education, said high-tech medical treatment would surely promote the overall health of the people to make great progress.Xu Yifeng, director of the Shanghai Mental Health Center, said the treatment of autism is difficult and high-tech methods such as AI and VR will bring good news to patients.

According to the report revealed that the situation of the development of Chinese children with autism, in terms of teachers, autism healer currently only cover 1.3% of the population in our country. The remaining 98.7% of the patients could not get effective rehabilitation training.Professor Du Yasong, director of the Shanghai mental health center, autism is a neurodevelopmental disorders that can be identified early, “external stimuli and information is hard to reach the autism children’s inner, at the same time, the feedback and feeling of heart is not easy to show it.”Virtual reality (VR) in the treatment of autism have obvious advantages, “it can make children in VR environment for training. The computer is easy to operate, greatly reducing the demand for human.”He also mentioned that VR technology has the characteristics of not restricted by time, space, also increases the pertinence training program can be implemented, “that is to say, the VR technology will bring us into the hearts of children with autism.”

Professor ZhaiGuangtao from Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering introduced that the combination of the medical professionals research began in 2016. The development of virtual reality technology in recent years for children lonely spectrum disorders provides a new opportunity, the core characteristics of virtual reality technology for immersion, interactivity and imaginative, and according to the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, fifth edition, lonely spectrum disorders in patients with basic symptoms can be summarized as the deficiency in social, interaction and imagination.The features of virtual reality technology correspond to this and are therefore well suited for adjuvant treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders.

At present, the treatment system has been in Shanghai Putuo District wings children society-adaptation service center, deer colorful campus in Shanghai, Shanghai hobby children rehabilitation training center, Zhuhai health care of women and children psychology, institutions such as the trial of Zhoushan rainbow hall exceptional child care center, and institutions.In the next step, experts will further develop the system based on problems encountered during the current trial.

After the seminar, participants experienced the immersive therapy system with great interest and praised its realistic simulation technology.With the support and encouragement, more and more new technologies and intervention method will be better able to serve the people with autism and help them to minimize obstacles, make the largest potential.Let the “star kids” fly higher and farther with wings.