Shanghai Chest Hospital implanted China 'heart' in patients

On March 26, in Shanghai Chest hospital, heart pacemakers specialized subject director, professor LiRuogu and the team implemented the first internationally advanced quality domestic cardiac pacemaker implantation surgeryfor a successful patients with bradycardia. This China “heart” broke the basic international pacemaker market by foreign monopoly status. This “made in China” is a breakthrough in the field of medicine, and is also helping Shanghai Chest hospital establish positive practice top science and technology center in Asia.

“The localization of pacemakers is the dream of our generations of ‘cardiovascular people’ for many years. As domestic pacemakers enter clinical practice, they will greatly reduce the medical expenses of patients and benefit more people.” Director of the department of cardiology professor He Ben said in an interview with television. Chest hospital is one of the domestic units with early cardiac pacemaker therapy. Their pacemakers are among the best in Shanghai, as well as the conventional pacemaker treatment of arrhythmia, heart failure cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT), and the burial type cardioversion defibrillator (ICD) implantation. They actively carry out including the wrestle since bush‘s bouquet of pacemaker, left bundle branch, pacemaker with the latest technology research and practice. In addition, to better service the vast number of patients, the heart pacemaker and specialist also, standardize the management after pacemaker implantationwith implanted heart devices of postoperative follow-up outpatient service. They provide health care for patients with long-term high quality life. The first international advanced quality pacemaker by the cardiovascular medical team for clinical application of medicine is the combination of clinical medical treatment. It has encouraged hospital clinical effective innovation strategy. 

Shanghai chest hospital will continue to strengthen with the domestic first-class medical team cooperationin the future, and explore the clinical research into research and practice for the health of China.