Shanghai First People’s Hospital and Israel Rabin Medical Center signed a memorandum of understanding on comprehensive cooperation

A delegation of six people from the affiliated Shanghai First People‘s Hospital visited the Rabin medical center Israel. Professor WangXingpeng and Rabin Medical Center CEO Eryne Halpern, signed a comprehensive cooperationat the memorandum, and established clinical innovation learning, personnel training, research cooperation in areas such as content and mechanism of all-round cooperation. 

The Rabin Medical Center (RMC) is one of the largest and most advanced medical institutions in Israel, leading the world in cardiothoracic, vascular, tumor, blood and organ transplantation. According to the memorandum of cooperation, we will cooperate with Rabin Medical Center in personnel training, clinical and basic research and academic exchanges. Leadership will discuss cooperation memorandum of promote to form a Steering Committee (Steering Committee). The leaders took turns to act as chairman of the Committee, to promote the implementation of the partnership, regular inspection cooperation progress and results. 

During the visit, the management and medical staff of the Rabin Medical Center of Israel received the hospital delegation from Shanghaiwith great affection. In front of the director of international department, professor Oppenheim, expressed detailed understanding of the Israeli delegation and medical health system.We visited RMC and Belinson and Hasharon emergency the heart center as well as transplant center. Delegation experts talked with each other in their respective fields. They carefully understood the possible cooperation between two sides. Theylaunched an in-depth discussionin management, technology and cooperation mode and talent exchange program for future.