Springer Nature visits SJTUSM

On the morning of March 16, Sadie Forrester, global editor of biomedical science, springer-nature publishing group, and Zhao Jinnan, senior editor of biomedical science, and other delegations came to visit and exchange with SJTUSM.

Jiang fan, first of all, on behalf of the school of medicine, delivered a speech to welcome the guests, introduced the basic situation of SJTUSM, and Springer - Nature publishing group on both sides of the areas of cooperation and prospects for the communication and discussion. She hoped in the future two sides could have academic exchanges with many fields such as scientific research achievements to promote close cooperation with Springer - Nature.Director Forreste spoke of springer-nature‘s consistent aim of serving scientific research and having extensive experience and resources in journals, book publishing around the world.Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine is one of the top medical research institutions in China, with a strong faculty of scientific research.Based on past good cooperation foundation, Springer - Nature puts forward to further strengthen cooperation and hopes to joint editorial department and school of medicine, comprehensive cooperation regarding the journal publishing and book publishing. SJTUSM uses its good scientific research achievements with the publication of the ways to spread to the world, and builds a better international reputation for medical help.

On academic misconduct, timely communication and common prevention, high-end, jointly organized by the international academic conferences, English academic journal in partnership, and English academic monographs published cooperation consultations on the cooperation and communication.Springer-nature guests also visited the editorial department of the journal. Xu min introduced the basic situation of the editorial department of the journal and the two sides discussed possible cooperation models.

Springer, founded in 1842, has now become the world’s leading scientific, technical and medical publisher. It has more than 2900 kinds of journals (including famous Nature and its affiliations), 250000 books, and authority and abundant resources.