Delegation from Université Paris Descartes visits SJTUSM

On the morning of March 2, Paris Descartes university school of medicine, dean Gerard FRIELANDER visited SJTUSM. Dean Chen Guoqiang, deputy dean, professor Jiang Fan and academic, scientific bureau and international exchange department heads delivered warm reception to the guests.Two sides held friendly talks.

During the talks, dean Chen Guoqiangreviewed sino-frenchcooperation process, and said Universite Paris Descartesestablished cooperation relationship which began in the early 1980 s. After decades of construction and development, at present, residents and students are steadily push forward projects such as communication, cooperation concerning “life sciences professional master‘s joint training project” that have also made remarkable achievements.As socialism with Chinese characteristics enters a new era, the sino-french exchanges and cooperation will also open a new stage.Dean Chen Guoqiang said, at the invitation of Lyon in cancer research center, in April this year, he will lead a delegation to visit France. He will establish “the joint laboratory” and the exchange of scientific research personnel exchanges, in the teaching on the basis of cooperation, post-doctoral training for advancing the substantial research cooperation and making the sino-french exchanges and cooperation continue to jointly contribute to human health.

Dean Gerard FRIELANDER said that France is very thankful to the mutual communication to make unremitting efforts. The two sides of cooperation projects through long-term development, has now become a model, and has the very high popularity in France.At the same time, the French side will put forward the positive response in our scientific research cooperation initiative, in immunology, genetics, molecular biology, hematology research fields such as efforts to promote bilateral cooperation, through joint laboratory to build international, attract international talents to join the team, in scientific research innovation and exploration, and hope we send more outstanding students and comprehensively deepen exchanges and cooperation between the two sides.

After the talks, the two sides signed a cooperation framework agreement, the agreement is aimed at the original on the basis of cooperation, continue to deepen the sino-french cooperation and exchanges, especially in the research master’s and doctoral students training, teaching staff and students exchange swaps, academic education and training organization, cooperation organize academic conferences, published papers and academic information sharing strengthen cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win progressto continuously make new achievements.