SJTUSM won a couple of Chinese medical science and technology awards

On January 26, the China medical science and technology award (2017) awards conference was held in Beijing national convention center. The China medical science and technology award is one of the most authoritative awards in China‘s medical and health industry. Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (SJTUSM) has won many scientific research achievements, including 6 second prizes, 1 third prize, and 1 science award. Second prizes include the project by Pro. Chen Hongzhuan ’choline system pharmacology regulatory mechanisms and targets of new drugs research‘, the project by Pro. Wang Xuefeng from Ruijin Hospital ’clotting factor defects of gene diagnosis, pathogenesis and prevention‘, project by Pro. Wang Zhongmin ’the tumor radiation sensitization mechanism research and the clinical application of key technologies‘, the project by Pro. Liu Yingbin from Xinhua Hospital “the gallbladder drive genetic screening and molecular mechanism research ,the project by Pro. Fan Jiangao, ’diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis b with fatty liver the clinical epidemiological characteristics and countermeasures‘, the project by Pro. Wang Chun from Shanghai First People’s Hospital ”allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, saving treatment establishment and clinical application of the key technologies of refractory malignancies‘. Third prize isPro. Liu Fang from Shanghai sixth people’s hospital and her project“ the establishment of the key technologies for the prevention and control of diabetic foot disease and its clinical application‘. The science award goes to Pro. Fang Binghuaat Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital and his project ”The story of Emergency“.