First in the country. Shanghai "Xinhua - Chongming regional medical association" started the reform of prepayment of total medical insurance

On January 19, “Xinhua medical association - Chongming area deepening reform pilot” officially launched. This means that, Shanghai first established “health center” version 2.0 in China. Couplet of medicine should be shared by integrating medical, health care resources in the innovation of couplet of health management, medical, hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, medical insurance payment mode of operation and management, to provide 700000 Chongming residents more safe, effective, convenient and high quality health and health services, in the island‘s solve basic medical and health services. WengTiehui, deputy head of the municipal leading group on deepening the reform of the medical and health system and vice mayor of the city attended the meeting.

It is reported, “Xinhua - Chongming area medical association” 2.0 version is to do real total couplet of medical health care package advance mechanism. At the same time it improves the balance “retention, reasonable overruns share” incentive and risk sharing mechanism, enhance the enthusiasm of self- management of medical institutions and explore the financial income, health care reasonable plan as a whole, personnel management and so on.

It also includes the “health” Xinhua medical couplet body - Chongming area, from version 1.0 of couplet of “taking disease treatment as the center” of the medical qualification for version 2.0 “couplet of medical health centered”. Version 2.0 compact medical consortium is based on the reform of medical insurance payment and insists on the innovative mechanism. Medical couplet body from problem oriented, demand oriented and result oriented, for short, strong or weak, building mechanism, emphasis on health management, couplet of medical operation management, grading diagnosis and medical insurance payment mode. There are four aspects to explore, from the first pilot insurance object, some preliminary results are generalized to all residents, couplet of medical units within “a heart up and down the family power and responsibility, a net management, service integration”, striving to achieve a series of breakthrough and innovation efforts to achieve “to promote development, improving the efficiency, reducing the burden, and promoting health” to win more goals.

Couplet of the 2.0 version of close medical innovation medical treatment, health care, medical reform of linkage, explore the fiscal revenue, medical care payments, personnel management, reasonable plan as a whole, leverage on the reform of medical insurance payment within the couplet of medical “responsibility, right and benefit” coordinated reform, at the same time of couplet of old-age medical healthcare packaging total prepaid mechanism, improve the balance “retention, reasonable overruns share” incentive and risk sharing mechanism, improve the enthusiasm of self-management of medical institutions. Medical couplet body will also make good use of signing the family doctor service charge and the opportunity of performance pay system reform, improve the family doctor service and the ability of pipe, health costs, let people have more “feeling”.

Homogeneity within the implementation of couplet of medical health, medical service quality management Conference news, “Xinhua - Chongming medical couplet body” to establish “a nuclear two wing three will be a support” as the organizational structure. “One core” refers to the medical couplet body led by Xinhua Hospital, Xinhua Hospital Chongming branch (ChongmingDistrict Hospital) as the core unit, joint Chongming area secondary medical institutions and community health service center 18; “The second wing” refers to the municipal Chongming branch of ten hospitals and the third people’s hospital of the district, respectively supported by Shanghai 10th people‘s hospital and Yueyang Hospital, mainly responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of some difficult diseases and common and frequent diseases. “Three meetings” means the medical council, the executive committee of the medical association and the medical association steering committee; “One support” refers to the comprehensive policy support and guidance given by the relevant municipal and district commissions in the trial and development of the medical consortium reform. 

Medical couplet body will also be on the management and service mode, adhere to the direction of public welfare, pay equal attention to Chinese and western medicine, promote the integration of treatment, prevention or health care, do management integration, revitalize the resources, service integration, medical couplet of internal personnel, and equipment, such as resources unified management, medical couplet body belongs to medical institutions and drug, such as material centralized purchasing, unified distribution, division of labor cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win progress. It gradually realizes couplet of medical health and medical service within classified management, quality homogeneity sinking promotes high quality resources, improving the capacity of grassroots medical services.

The practice of medical association of version 1.0 laid a solid foundation for “promotion” and “health-centered” medical association of version 2.0, which could not be separated from the solid exploration and practice of medical association of version 1.0. In recent years, “Xinhua - Chongming medical couplet body”, promoted the formation of high-quality medical resources continue to provide diagnostic services for the community, let patients enjoy the tertiary hospitals of medical diagnostic services at the same time, shorten the treatment time, and reduce the medical burden caused by repeated examination.

Data showed that as the retrograde pancreatic angiography, arthroscopic diagnosis and treatment technology, laparoscopic surgery, radiofrequency ablation, and pulmonary nodules and joint outpatient clinic, gastrointestinal tumor of thyroid nodules. More than 60 new technologiesand new projects are introduced to fill the gaps in the island’s medical technology. In 2016, life expectancy was 82.33 years, among which 79.77 years for males and 84.92 years for females. Maternal mortality rate was 0. Infant mortality was 0.96‰. The incidence rate of class A and B infectious diseases was 1.3284/100,000, and all indicators reached the level of developed countries and regions. With the advancement of the future compact medical association, the health level of 700,000 islanders will be further improved.