Xinhua hospital has launched cloud pediatric medical association to use pediatric specialists efficiently

In addition to the general outpatient service, expert outpatient service and special needs outpatient service, doctors from pediatric medicine department of Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine have welcomed the Internet scheduling. On January 18, Xinhua Hospital announced that it, together with Alibaba, has officially launched the cloud pediatric medical consortium system, which integrates remote consultation, referral and general/pediatrician training.

Early pilot medical couplet of three pilot medical institutions were Baoshan District hospital which combines traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine, Yangpu District Hospital and Yangpu District YanHang community health service centers. The distance doctor training content can cover all the general practitioners and pediatricians related to pediatrics in the medical association.

On the same day, a trial version of the pediatric clinical decision support manual, compiled by the pediatrician team of Xinhua hospital was published. This decision support manual, which focuses on “clinical symptoms”, can be used as a textbook to guide the practical clinical practice of community general practitioners/pediatricians.

President of Xinhua Hospital, Sun Kun said “How to maximize the efficiency of pediatricians in tertiary hospitals? The way we think of is that using the Internet technology to realize the hospital pediatrician resource sink, clinical guidelines in the applicable general physician/pediatrician, under the guidance of the specification of the complete classification within the couplet of pediatric medical diagnosis and treatment. This should be a normalized, valid, and realistic path under existing conditions.

The pediatric medical association of Xinhua Hospital was launched on July 20, 2016, and led the construction of the pediatric medical association of Yangpu, Hongkou, Baoshan and Chongming in the four northern districts. In Shanghai, the early stage of the research show that Shanghai has 2311 pediatricians. Urban areas of grassroots medical institutions accounted for only 2.64%. In other words, not every community has pediatricians, and some community health services centers are dominated by child health practitioners. How to construct the graded diagnosis and treatment in the medical association? If only the doctors of the grade a hospitals are relied on to work in the community, the utilization efficiency of the grade a hospitals‘ doctors resources will be reduced.

In October 2017, Xinhua Hospital and Alibaba officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly explore a new model of ”smart hospital“. In this cooperation agreement, the construction of cloud paediatrics platform is one of the contents. After less than three months of work, Xinhua hospital and BaoshanDistrict,YangpuDistrict City East Hospital, CombinedTraditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, community health service center and YangpuDistrict YanHang pilot run through the pediatrician remote consultation and referral process, in order to improve the medical couplet body ability and level of clinical diagnosis and treatment. Xinhua hospital can be of service to needy children at the grass-roots level and medical couplet of pediatricians in the differential diagnosis, and functions of grading diagnosis and treatment, they can seek the support of level 3 hospital doctor the first time, and has convenient green referral channel.

In order to ensure and improve the level and ability of graded diagnosis and treatment of pediatricians in the pediatric medical association, Xinhua Hospital has also built an online and offline training system for primary pediatricians. Within the cloud of couplet of pediatric medicine, pediatric medical structures, there are four regions, north of Shanghai Xinhua couplet of online training courses, a pediatrician in the mobile terminal can obtain Xinhua Hospital lecturer production series of video courses, as well as remote watch the pediatrics continuing education training, etc.

These remote video courses are all derived from the trial version of the pediatric clinical decision support manual published on January 17. Different from the previous pediatrician training, this pediatrician clinical decision support manual and video course are mainly aimed at the practical needs of primary doctors for diagnosis and treatment. The support manual focuses on ”clinical symptoms“ and combines ”basic“ and ”clinical“. On the basis of ”evidence-based medicine“, ”scientific“ and ”practical“ should be unified. With the characteristics of ”specialist referral indication“, the coordination between ”protecting physician“ and ”treating patient“ is achieved. The ”flow chart of diagnosis and treatment“ is taken as a summary to achieve the combination of ”simplicity without omission“ and ”complexity without obfuscation“.