18 achievements of SJTU School of Medicine won the Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Award

On April 25, 2017, the awarding meeting of Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Awarding in2016 (the 15th) was held in Shanghai Science Hall, which was presided over by Xu Jianguang, President of Shanghai Medical Association, with the relevant leadersfrom Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning and Shanghai Association for Science and Technology attending the meeting. A total number of 48 Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Awards were given, including 5 first prizes, 14 second prizes, 22 third prizes, 5 promotion awards and 2 community health awards.

The affiliated hospitals of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, as the first completion unit, were awarded 18 Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Awards, within which were 9 second prizes, 7 third prizes, and 2 promotion awards.


Second Prizes: Basic and clinical research of pathogenesis of blood cancer based on the signal transduction pathways and their intervention led by Professor Tong Jianhua andbasic research of the diabetic coronary artery disease and clinical application of treatment technologyled by Zhang Ruiyan from affiliated Ruijin Hospital, research on strategies for early detection of gastric cancer and operation innovations led by Liu Yingbin, and new findings and clinical research on pathogenesis of movement complications of Parkinson‘s diseasesled by Liu Zhenguo from affiliated Xinhua Hospital, research and development and the clinical transformation and application of dental implants tractor (DID) and related equipment led by Zhang Chenping andexperiment research and clinical application of chronic reflux disorder in the lower limbs deep veins led by Lu Xinwu from affiliated Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, research on the microenvironment in thebone marrow myelodysplastic syndromeled by Chang Chunkang, the new exploration to the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy and evaluation of its clinical application led by Wang Niansong,and the establishment of the key technologies for the prevention and control of the diabetic foot disease and their clinical applicationled by Liu Fang fromthe affiliated Shanghai Sixth People‘s Hospital.

Third Prizes: the value of the gene mediated nuclide molecular imaging in tumor treatment and monitoring led by Li Biao from the affiliated Ruijin Hospital, new strategies of minimally invasive surgical treatment for atrial fibrillation led by Mei Ju from affiliated Xinhua Hospital, several key technologies in repairing the major male genitalia diseases led by Wang Zhong from the affiliated Ninth People’s Hospital, the setup of the system using allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation as the saving treatment for refractory malignanciesled by Wang Chun from the affiliated First People‘s Hospital, research on the urinary metabolic markers as precocious warnings toprecocious puberty and the mechanismof nutrition and the hypothalamus regulating GnRH led by Li Bin from the affiliated Children’s Hospital, the comprehensive research on pathogenesis of congenital left ventricular outflow tract diseases and individualized accurate diagnosis and treatmentled by Li Fen from the affiliated Children‘s Medical Center Li, clinical research on the early quick diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy led by Wang Yudong from the affiliated International Peace Maternity and Child Health Hospital

Promotion Awards: basics of progression of the liver disease associated with hepatitis virus infection and its clinical application led by Xie Qing from the affiliated Ruijin hospital, basic research on the pelvic ring tumor and its application of surgical treatment led by CaiZhengdong from the affiliated First People’s Hospital.