“Shanghai Children's Hearing Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment Center" is affiliated to the Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital

On January 24, the opening ceremony, marking the launch of the “Shanghai Children‘s Hearing Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment Center” whose establishment was approved by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning( Shanghai MCHFP), was held in Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital.As this center takes its root in Ninth People‘s Hospital, the Hearing Centerof Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospitalis also opened.

In the opening ceremony, Shen Guofang, the Party Secretary of the Ninth People‘s Hospital, made awelcome speech and announced the official opening of the Hearing Center of Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital. Wu hao, director of the Ninth People‘s Hospital, also the leader of the National Newborn Hearing Screening Group, made a report about the hearing screening of newborns in Shanghai and the whole country. Wang Panshi, the deputy director of the Shanghai MCHFP, along with Hu Yiqun, the vice president of Shanghai Jiao Jong University School of Medicine, inaugurated “Shanghai Children’s Hearing Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment Center”. Present at the meeting were Wu Xiangyong, director of Shanghai MCHFP Women and Children Office, Yu Huijiong, director of Shanghai Disabled Persons‘ Federation Rehabilitation Association, Zhu Liping, director of Shanghai Center for Women and Children’s Health, andother leadership from these agencies, followed by experts from National Newborn Hearing Screening Group of Shanghai and directors and head nurses from delivery department inmajor hospitals. It was Professor Huang Zhiwu, director of the Hearing Center of Ninth People‘s Hospital, who held the opening ceremony. Besides, a two-day training class for Shanghai newborn hearing screening in 2017 was launched as well.

Congenital hearing loss is one of the most common disabling disease. Shanghai, starting to carry out the newborn hearing screening in 2002, has been at the forefront throughout the country since then. As a result, more than 90% of children with congenital deafness are able to get timely intervention, grow with a normal level of language and intelligence, and return smoothly to society into the normal school without the “deaf-mutes”. To achieve this goal, Shanghai Children’s Hearing Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment Center plays a key role in diagnosing and treatment.The center focuses on early diagnosis and intervention in children with positive screening to make reasonable hearing compensation schemes for them, and transfer them to Shanghai hearing rehabilitation institutions at all levels to helpthem get timely hearing-speech rehabilitation services. Therefore, the center in Shanghai Ninth People‘s Hospital is believed to take the responsibility for Shanghai newborn hearing screening and make a greater contribution to services for children with hearing problems in Shanghai and even the whole country.

Professor Wu Hao and Huang Zhiwuand their team, whose host unit is the leading part of the national newborn hearing screening group, the fixed-point unit for cochlear implants and the training base for National MCHFP newborn hearing screening, have been long engaged in newborn hearing screening, diagnosis, intervention and rehabilitation, which promises the first-class hardware and software facilities and personnel for the newly-established Hearing Center of Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital.