8 people from SJTUSM won 16th "silver snake award" and Zhou Huifang from Shanghai ninth people's hospital won the first prize

On the afternoon of July 26, the 16th “silver snake award” award ceremony of Shanghai health system was held in Shanghai education TV station. Professor Fan Xianqun, party secretary of SJTUSM,received “special honor” award.Zhou Huifangfrom Shanghai won the first prize, HongJiefrom Renji Hospital won the second prize, DuanCaiwen from Shanghai children‘s medical center , andJiaWeitaofrom the sixth people’s hospital won the third prize.Fang Chao from basic medical school, Li Maolan from xinhua hospital Hu Guoyong from the first people‘s hospital and Wang Tao from Shanghai mental health center won the nomination award.

The first prize winner Zhou Huifang is engaged in clinical and research work of orbital disease in compound repairing orbital fracture reconstruction, the precise surgery and the pathogenesis of thyroid related ophthalmopathy, orbital bone regeneration and biological materials research and development to overcome a series of aspects such as clinical problems. She will first endoscopy in the international navigation technology applied in thyroid related ophthalmopathy (TAO) of orbital decompression surgery, the precision, the eye socket, and internationally for the first time to reveal IL - 17 a role in the TAO autoimmune pathogenesis, created the orbital surgical repair key technology system, results in progress to Chinese eye nearly five years. In normal group, led by professor Fan Xianqunshe wonthe national scientific and technological progress second prize and Shanghai science and technology progress prize of scientific and technological progress first prize, the ministry of education of institutions of higher learning, such as eight awards. The other seven winners also have prominent performances in related fields.

The silver snake award is the highest honor award for young talents in Shanghai’s health system. From 1989 to 1991, it has been awarded every two years. The “silver snake award” is awarded for the recognition, reward and training of outstanding young talents in the health system to promote the development of health and the promotion of medical science and technology. Since established in 1989, about 250 excellent medical youth won the prize nomination award, with a total of 22 first prize winner mentor a special honor. For 28 years, the silver snake award has gone out of seven academicians and is known as “the cradle of the medical profession”. Under the “silver snake award”, a large number of outstanding medical young people stand out, they love their job and study hard. They climb to the heights and are not afraid of danger; Their enthusiasm and dedication have laid a solid foundation for the progress and development of Shanghai medical science.

The winners of this year‘s silver snake award are at the high end. They tend to highlight the clinical, to focus on the field of medical research and research, and to give full play to its advantages and characteristics, which has promoted the innovation and development of emerging disciplines.