The 10th China-Australia bilateral scientific research forum was successfully held

On July 11, the 10th China-Australia bilateral scientific research forum, was jointly held by SJTUSM and the University of Sydney in Australia. The forum was themed with “accurate body metabolism and cancer research in medicine”. The two sides have a total of 19 scientists representing important basis in the field of related discuss in depth and clinical issues, with the participating experts and scholars for a total of more than 60 people. Associate professor Sydney university school of medicine, vice President of the international communication Kirsty Foster delivered the opening ceremony. dean, Arthur Conigrave from Sydney Medical School, professor, vice dean, Chinese academy of engineering Ning Guang from Ruijin hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Chinese consulate in Sydney technology counsellor Lu Ping, new south wales, Australia‘s foreign trade department office, the executive director Mr Ryan attended and delivered a speech. The opening ceremony, President Conigrave on behalf of the university of Sydney medical school awarded to the two schools of cooperation, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, member of Chinese academy of sciences at the university of Sydney, professor Chen Guoqiang the title of honorary professor, school of medicine, personnel director Mou Shan attended domestic major conference in Sydney. Dean Chen Guoqiang accepted certificate and express his thanks. On the BBS, the scientists from obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, diseases such as pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer and leukemia in precision medical method and the related research progress report and communication. After the forum, the medical school and affiliated hospital representatives visited the Charles Pekins research center with great interest. Our cooperation with the university of Sydney medical school began in 2006. Since 2008, both sides have taken turns holding bilateral scientific research BBS. For a decade, the two schools in the student exchange, the PhD joint training, teacher training and scientific research cooperation has made many achievements, joint training doctoral candidate at 17, cooperation 157 scientific papers published articles, more than 70 medical undergraduates to participate in the student exchange program. Through the BBS, the two sides reached a total of four cooperation agreement, in the continued doctoral training at the same time, create a biomedical science class 4 + 2 + 3, to realize, construct cultivation model, at the same time with the support of “double top” construction, focus on promoting the international joint project in the laboratory and clinical researchers overseas training. The two sides hope to continue to have their respective strengths and characteristics in the next decade and promote the common development of China-Australia medicine.