A delegation from the University of Toulouse in France visited SJTUSM

On the morning of June 29, President of the university of Toulouse alliance Philippe Raimbault Sir, Toulouse principal Jean Pierre Vinel visited SJTUSM. Vice President of the school of medicine, Chen Hongzhuan welcomed the guests, and the two sides discussed the future cooperation.

At the beginning of the talks, members of the international exchange briefed Toulouse on the current situation of legal exchanges and cooperation between the two countries. Chen said, the Sino-French cooperation is always the priority of medical college of foreign exchange, at present our powered regions with France, Paris, Glenn Norbu, kept a long-term cooperation relationship, and he hoped that we can alliance with Toulouse university medical, life science and other fields to start a new cooperation.

Mr. Philippe Raimbault, President of the university of Toulouse, thanked SJTUSM for warm reception and briefed China on the basic situation of the University of Toulouse. He said the University of Toulouse has more than 100,000 people, and the key disciplines include life science, medicine and veterinary medicine, and we look forward to discussing with our hospital the possibility of cooperation in medical science. Professor Jean Pierre Vinel, focused on the Chinese side of education. He said the University of Toulouse now has two medical schools and one school of pharmacy, one of the four affiliated hospitals of France, which enjoys a high reputation in France. At the same time, the university has the only centre for gerontology research in France.

Subsequently, the two sides discussed the cooperation in the fields of gerontology and oncology. It is recommended that the two sides can carry out the seminar of teachers and students to exchange or carry out the two students‘ seminars as a starting point for cooperation in the field of medicine. Mr. Philippe Raimbault also made an invitation to the vice President Chen Hongzhuan to visit the University of Toulouse in France to discuss future cooperation.