21st Century Innovation forum special field focusing on the future of industrial biotechnology to see medicine

On May 31, 361th lecture of the 21st innovation forum was held in Yide lecture hall of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. The special academic report speaker is the Yangtze River scholar and distinguished professor, school of life sciences, Tsinghua university professor Chen Guoqiang. The host is vice President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, dean of school of medicine, academician Chen Guoqiang. Medical school teachers and students were filled with anticipation to meet the two scientists of the same name.

In the opening introduction, academician Chen Guoqiang recalls the wonderful intersection of two decades with Professor Chen Guoqiang of Tsinghua University. He regrets the development of Chinese medicine and biotechnology. The biotech revolution from artificial insulin-making to the present, industrial biotechnology USES biological response to create industrial products, which can be used in medical fields such as disease treatment. The combination and promotion of medicine and engineering is the development trend of industrial biotechnology, and it is also the trend of the combination of medical workers.

Professor Chen Guoqiang from Tsinghua university is engaged in composite materials research and its application in the lecture, he by the microbial synthesis of completely biodegradable polymer materials of polyhydroxy fatty acid ester (PHA) a speech PHBHHx medical value, for example, industrial biotechnology impact on medicine. Professor Chen first pointed out that the development trend of bio-manufacturing technology is to break through existing technical limitations such as high cost and large consumption of fresh water. While PHA is biocompatible and degradable, the degradation products of PHBHHx materials in PHA are obtained by fermentation of halophilic bacteria, which can solve the existing technical problems. 3 HB can not only promote the rapid cell proliferation, then quickly promote tissue, cartilage, nerve, esophagus) regeneration, the mechanical properties and relatively long stay into skeleton and shape, also can be used as the energy of small molecules, has an effect on the treatment of Alzheimer‘s disease and osteoporosis, it has important medical value. Finally, Chen Guoqiang wished the new industrial biotechnology can produce all kinds of materials and drugs, which will play an important role, in the areas of disease treatment is of great significance to the development of medicine.

The 21st innovation forum is a feast to undertake academic basic medical college, more than a decade and has invited more than 360 renowned at home and abroad well-known experts to share the academic experience and to discuss the issue of science. The institute of basic research provides an important communication platform for all people.