The Canadian ambassador visits SJTUSM

On May 27, Canada's ambassador, Mr Mai Jialian, Canadian consul general consulate in Shanghai, Mr Ai Weideng, dean of medicine at the university of Ottawa, Canada, Jacques brad, vice President of the temperature ,and Ron Wilsinfield commissioner, the university of Ottawa, Canada consulate medical representatives visited SJTUSM. The secretary Fan Xianqun, deputy dean Hu Yiqun welcomed the guests.

Secretary Fan Xianqun, on behalf of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine welcomed their visit, and also thanked for the Canadian government support for the two schools cooperation. Vice President Hu Yiqun introduced the overall situation of SJTUSM and the achievements of the history and construction of the two schools. Mai Jialian ambassador said SJTUSM had a long history and good international background. He sincerely expressed congratulations to two schools in the union school, family, health and other fields of cooperation for the construction of the results. Mai jialian ambassador pointed out that Shanghai - Ottawa joint medical school opened the new modes of the construction of medical school of international cooperation, the Canadian government would make more efforts to support the two schools cooperation, also hope to add the two sides can further open up more areas of cooperation, to promote and deepen exchanges.

After the meeting, the representative of the University of Ottawa was interested in visiting the history and development of the college of medical college.

Shanghai - Ottawa joint medical school, academic affairs office, China hospital development research institute, international exchange department and other department officials accompanied the reception activities.