Seven members of SJTU School of Medicine were selected for the 13th national "the Thousand Talents Plan" Youth Program

On May 11, the special office for the recruitment of high-level global talentsof the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC released the nominee list for the 13th national “the Thousand Talents Plan” Youth Program, in which the candidates would beselected by strict procedures including formal review, correspondence review, interview review, public announcement and approval, and finally Chen lei, Zhang Siyu, Liang Qiming and Lengsiew Yeap from SJTU College of Basic Medical Science, Li yun from the Institute of Public Health, Li Yunlin from the affiliated Ninth People‘s Hospital, andJiang Yuhui of the affiliated First People’s Hospital were selected.

A total of 3,048 youth projects have been reported to the national employers, and 590 of them have been finally selected. Shanghai Jiao Tong university ranked second throughout the country and ranked first in Shanghai with 29 people, including 7 from School of Medicine.

Remarkably,there are nine finalists from School of Medicine in the program, with a high selected rate of 77.8 percent, which fully embodies the improvement of the overall level of introduced talents in School of Medicine in recent years. At the same time, with an increasing number of nominees from affiliated hospitals, scientific research and clinical treatment have been promoted each other, indicating that an atmosphere of collaborative innovation is forming.

In recent years, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, always sticking to the “Strength Academy by Talents ” strategy, with the aim to builthe first-class medical school, has been continuing to intensify talent introduction by taking the chance of accelerating the construction of scientific innovationin Shanghai. Since 2012, quite a few talents have been introduced to School of Medicine including six from the national “Thousand Talents Plan” Innovative Projects, 23 from“the Thousand Talents Plan” Youth Project, 32 from Shanghai “Thousand Talents Plan”, 43 distinguished professors in Shanghai universities (Oriental Scholars) and 18 youth Oriental Scholars, which contributes to a high level medical team of research and teaching.

In the next few years, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, known as a first-class medical research platform with high-quality clinical research resources, will not only continue sticking to the “aimed at first-class presentation, basedon subjects, evaluated by performance, driven by reform” principle, but also focus on attracting targeted talents guided by a global vision,which corresponds to the school‘s strategic layout and discipline, to build an outstanding medical innovative team with “idea and faith, moral sentiment, solid knowledge and kindness”. Warmly welcome all young talents from home and abroad to join us.