Eleven high-level medical personnel are listed in the 2017 Shanghai Leading Talents Training Program

According to an old saying ?the ruling people in the world are in the talent“, Shanghai currently is thirst for more talentsthan ever before. A few days ago, the list of 2017 Shanghai Leading Talents Training Program was announced. A total of 106 high-level talent candidates were selected. Eleven experts from the School of Medicine stood out among the candidates for the program, who are respectively:Wang Hui from School of Public Health, Shen Boyong, Chen Erzhenand Ding Jianqingfrom Ruijin Hospital, Wang Liwei, Mou Shan, Cao Hui fromRenji Hospital, Fan Jiangaofrom Xinhua Hospital, Jiang Hong from theNinth People‘s Hospitaland Lu Shunfrom Chest Hospital. Up to now, a total of 89 medical personnel have been selected as Shanghai’s leading talents.

The Shanghai Leading Talent Training Program is a high-level personnel training program launched by the Shanghai Municipal Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and former Shanghai Personnel Bureau in 2005. After the Pilot Project was started in 2005,the Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of the Leading Talents in Shanghai (Shanghai Committee [2005] No. 046) and the Implementation Measures for the Construction of Leading Talents in Shanghai (Shanghai [2006] 107)) were published, afterwards a special fund for the construction of the leading talentwas set up in Shanghai,marking the fully open of the construction of the leading talents. As one of the earliest cities in the country to raise ”leading talents,“ Shanghai has selected 12 batches of leading cadres for a total of 1,398 people, and municipal finance has invested about 350 million in training funds. Among the leading talent in Shanghai, 27 have been elected as academicians of the two academies, among which Academicians Chen Guoqiang, Ningguang Zhang Zhiyuan and Huang Hefeng are from School of Medcine. Fifty-one personnel were elected into the ”Million Planned People“, whichfurther enrichs and strengthens the city‘s high-level personnel.