First-class management and innovation in clinical medicine and 2017 RenjiHospital Urinary Forum was successfully held

From October 27 to 28, the “First-Class Management and Innovation in Clinical Medicine” and 2017 Renji Hospital Urinary Forum,organized jointly by Development and Research Instituteof China Hospitals of Shanghai JiaoTong University and Renji Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine(SJTU-SM), was successfully held in Shanghai.Attended the forum were Professor Huang Yiran, the chief expert inRenji Hospital, Professor Xue Wei, director of Urology Department, Professor Sun Yinghao, the chairman of Chinese Medical Association of Urology, together with Academician Ding Jian, and Academician Lin Dongxin ofChinese Academy of Engineering, and other leadership including Professor Fan Xianqun, deputy Party Secretary of SJTU and Party Secretary of SJTU-SM anddean of Development and Research Instituteof China Hospitals, Professor Chen Hongzhuan, vice president of SJTU-SM, Professor Li Weiping, the president of theaffiliated Renji Hospital and Vice President Professor Wangyu.Also,eight internationally well-knownoverseas experts and scholarsfrom the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, MD Anderson Cancer Center were invited as special guests.

This forum, focusing on the construction of first-class clinical subjects in the process of hospital development andtaking the urology as an example, the invited experts and scholars of all levels concentrated on the frontier development of urology-related disciplines such as tumors, stones, urine control and pelvic floor reconstruction, especially multidisciplinary team(MDT) and individualized comprehensive diagnosis and treatment strategies, as well as clinical translational medicine research in the era of precision medical treatment, and Nursing Forums and Yiran Education Fundswere specially set up. The the meeting is in the form of mainly face-to-face discussions and exchanges among experts and fellow professionals at home and abroad, supplemented by keynote speeches, case discussions and video-on-surgery. The conference attracted a total of nearly 300 counterparts from more than 50 institutes throughout the country, and was highly praised by domestic and foreign counterparts. The “ Urology Training Cooperation Centerof Shanghai JiaoTong University Affiliated Renji Hospital” was also set up ledby theUrologyDepartment of Renji Hospital and participated by 18 hospitals across the country, which would be committed to promote the communicationamong the doctors across the country and multi-faceted training among specialists, special technologies and subject management.

The Urology Department of Renji Hospital is currently one of the national key clinical specialists, 211 key construction projectsandkey disciplinesin SJTU-SM, which always adheres to the patient‘s interests, focuses on the diseases, organized in sub-profession, takes advantage of professional and technical young physicians, pays attention tospecialization, refinement, information and internationalization of the discipline development, and has formed adiscipline with Renji style. Since the first session was held in 2009, the “Renji Urinary Forum” has now become an annual event and an important platform for all colleagues in the urology community at home and abroad to come together for exchanges.

This forum is organized by Development and Research Institutefor the first time after a new start round of construction. In the future, Development and Research Institutewill further strengthen cooperation and expand the form, with the forum of Chinese hospital development and innovation as the main body, focusing on such topics as “innovation and development of first-class clinical disciplines”, continue to expand their research fields and enhance their research perspective. Besides, they will strive to combine macro-thinking with micro-analysis to systematically and comprehensively explore and summarize innovative experiencein constructing first-class clinical disciplines in the construction of first-class universities making contributions to healthy China!