The 2nd Sino-French Symposium was successfully held

The second China-France Seminar, co-hosted by Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine(SJTU-SM), the French Academy of Medical Sciences (ANM) and the French Academy of Medical Sciences Foundation (FAM), was held on the 20th of October in the affiliated Ruijin Hospital. Attended the opening ceremony wereAcademicianChen Guoqiang(Vice President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Dean of the School of Medicine), Qu Jiaming(President of the Affiliated Ruijin Hospital), Yang Weiguo(Party Secretary of the Ruijin Hospital), Zhang Zhiyuan(Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering), Li Hongwei(a tenured professor of the affiliated Ruijin Hospital) and Zhang Kan (Director of Department of Science and Education of Shanghai Municipal Commission for Health and Family Planning). The leadership were also invited to attendincluding Mr. Jean-Francois ALLILAIRE (Permanent Secretary of the ANM), Bernard CHARPENTIER(Vice President of the FAM and President of the European Academy of Medical Sciences) and Mr. Laurent DEGOS(Academician of the ANM). Experts and scholars from various fields in China and France attended the seminar too. The opening ceremony of the seminar was presided by Shen Boyong, vice president of Ruijin Hospital.

Firstly, Qu Jieming, on behalf of the School of Medicine and the affiliated Ruijin Hospital, addressed the warm welcome to all the experts and colleagues attending the symposium,expressed his congratulations on the convening of the seminar, and wished it a complete success. On behalf of the FAM, Bernard CHARPENTIER spoke highly of the cooperation between China and France and praised the untiring efforts and outstanding achievements made by the School of Medicine in the China-France cooperation. Chen Guoqiangsaid in his speechthat this symposium coincides with the victory of the CPC‘s 19th National Congress and the 100th birthday of Ruijin Hospital, which was an extraordinary occasion. For decades, with the support and assistance of French colleagues, the Frenchmedical education at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine had nurtured a great number of outstanding doctors and academic leaders for the community, in order to realize the grand goal of “building an overall well-to-do society” proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping. Without universal health, there would be no well-to-do society. It is the core issue of this forumthat how to solve the problems of public health and human health. He hoped to take advantage of the seminar to push the cooperation and development between China and France in the fields of medical education, science and technology and medical practice to a new height and thus to make contributions to the cause of human health.

After the opening ceremony, the signing ceremony of thecooperationmemorandum among SJTU-SM,ANM and FAM was held, which was signed respectively by Guoqiang, Jean-Francois ALLILAIRE and Bernard CHARPENTIER. The memorandum set out a new blueprint for Sino-French cooperation in such fields as personnel training, technological innovation and public health, and would create more platforms and opportunities to push the two sides’ cooperation toward a new phase and a new starting point.

The theme of this seminar was Public Health and Medical Innovation. The academic exchange activities were held in the affiliated Ruijin Hospital and the affiliated Renji Hospital on two days. The topics of the first day included Sino-French health science and technology innovation and medical education as well as research on infection sexual diseases and oncology, while topics on the second day included gynecologic oncology and minimally invasive surgery. The participating experts made wonderful reports separately and conducted extensive and in-depth discussions on different topics. Chen Hongzhuan, vice dean of School of Medicine, said in his speech at the closing ceremony that through the exchange of this seminar, the Chinese and French counterparts not only exchanged their experiences in the professional field but also established friendly cooperative relations, which was of great significance to the development of thehigh-end cooperation in the field of medicine between China and France, and hoped that the cooperation and exchange between the two sides would make further progress in the future.