Four disciplines in School of Medince were selected as "double first-class" construction

On September 21, the official website of the Ministry of Education formally released the Notice of the announcement of the List of Top Universities and First-Class Disciplines in Universities selected by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission, and officially announced the “double first-class” construction discipline list.Four disciplines in our school have been selected including clinical medicine, stomatology, basic medicine, pharmacy (jointly declared with the Shanghai JiaoTong University School of Pharmacy).

In recent years, rooted in Shanghai, School of Medicine(SJTU-SM) has followed the national strategy and has served the social needs of “Healthy China” with the aim to run a world-class medical school with Chinese characteristics, Shanghai style and SJTU-SM style, Taking development as its mission, taking disciplinary construction as the starting point, stimulating the vigor of running a school, innovating the mechanism, our school hasmade remarkable progress in constructing disciplinary.

Being selected as “double first-class” marks a new historical development period for our school. Standing at a new starting point, SJTU-SM will solidify its efforts and further follow the requirements of the State Council‘s “Overall Plan to Promote World-class Universities and First-class Disciplines” and strive to make a crucial step in the construction period so as to enable the capability of scientific and technological innovation, to promote the level of teaching staff and medical training personnel, to further enhance the overall strength to allow usto ranking the world-class medical schools, to achieve a number of the world’s major original innovation results ofbottleneck key scientific issues in major strategic areas, and to further promote the deepening of national medical and health system reform.