19 experts from School of Medicine won the "Shanghai Medical Development Series Awards"

On September 19, “Shanghai Medical Development Series Awards” sponsored by the Shanghai MunicipalCommissionof Health and Family Planning and the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology were officially released. A total of 20 experts won the “Shanghai Medical Development Lifetime Achievement Honorary Award”, among which 9 winners were from School of Medicine, namely Ding Wenxiang, Yu Zhongjia, Wang Hongli, Li Hongwei, Zhang Mingyuan, Chen Shunle, Lin Qide, Zeng Yitao, and Dai Kerong. At the same time, 30 experts won the “Shanghai Medical Development Outstanding Contribution Award”, including 10 professors from School of Medince who were t Liu Jinfen, Li Qingfeng, Shen Boyong, Zhang Changqing, Chen Saijuan, Fan Xianqun, Fang Jingyuan, Jia Weiping, Xia Shujie, Xia Qiang.

It is reported that this year coincides with the centenary celebration of Shanghai Medical Association. The establishment of Shanghai Medical Development Series Awards is an important activity in memorizing the centennial anniversary, aiming to reward the medical elites in Shanghai who have made outstanding contributions to the development of medicine and to honorthe medical practitioners‘sincereand their benevolents, which further mobilizes and encourages the majority of medical and scientific workers to bring their enthusiasm and creativityinto building a scientific and technological innovation center with global influence. At the same time, it is a good chance to demonstrate to the society the fruitful achievements of medical development in latest 100 years in Shanghai and to promote the traditions of Shanghai medical science to create greater glories in the further future. Since started in May, this selection activity has attracted the attention of the medical and health institutions and experts and scholars. There are up to 14 academicians among the applicants, andmost of the applicants are the chairmen or vice-chairmen of the specialist branch of the Shanghai Medical Association. After a rigorous initial evaluation, a total of 22 “Lifetime Achievement Honorary Award” candidates and 41 “Outstanding Contribution Award” candidates were included into the final evaluation. Sticking to the principle of objective, fair and open, strictly according to the selection criteria, 35 judges from different fields of medical science in Chinalooked through the written materials and on-the-spot statements of each candidate, combined with a comprehensive selection including their contribution to the development of medical science and technology in their professional field together with social progress made by the peer evaluation and domestic and international influence and other aspects.