Entrance ceremonyof grade 2017 freshman was successfully held

In the golden September, with dreams beginning to sail, a school semester started, and Shanghai JiaoTong University School of Medicine(SJTU-SM)welcomed its freshmen of grade 2017. On the morning of September 11, the admission ceremony for grade 2017 freshmen was held ceremoniously at the lecture hall on the third floor of Yide Building. Present the ceremony were Professor Wang Zhenyi (the winner of 2010 National Supreme Science and Technology Award, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering,and the tenured professor of Ruijin Hospital affiliated to SJTU-SM), Fan Xianqun(deputy party secretary of SJTU and secretery of SJTU-SM), Chen Guoqiang (vice president of SJTU and president of SJTU-SM), Zhao Wenhua(deputy party secretary of SJTU-SM), Wu Tao(vice partysecretary and vice president of SJTU-SM), Chen Hongzhu, Chen Mu, Hu Yiqun(vice president of SJTU-SM ), and Bi Yufang (a professor of affiliated Ruijin Hospital), which was presided over by Wu Tao.

After playing the national anthem, the ceremony started with the welcome to the 2017 freshmen from Wu Tao, who was on behalf of the school. Wu told new students that with a history of over a hundred years,SJTU-SM hadcreated an educational philosophy of “openness, inclusiveness, excellence and perfectionism”. He added it was the first-class medical education that was the foundation for building a world-class medical school and hoped that theywouldwork hard, promote the spirit of artisans and make unremitting efforts for the lofty medical cause of mankind with their dreams of yearsand without forgetting their beginning heart in the sacred hall of SJTU-SM.

Subsequently, in a solemn atmosphere, all teachers and students attended the white-robes-giving ceremony and the swearing ceremony with awe. Nine freshmen representatives accepted the pure and holy white coat given by the leadership on the stage, withall the freshmen putting their white coats which were a symbol of their status and occupation, gave themduties and mission, and carriedtheir dreams and conviction.PhD supervisor Professor Bi Yufang, a professor“Chang Jiang Scholar Award Scheme” of Ministry of Education and also a chief physician endocrine and metabolic physician in the affiliated Ruijin Hospital, led the freshman students to read the oath. With white robes on the body, they would never be unwavering; reading clanking vowsand topless dreams, the students expressed theircommitment to medicine, and unwavering self-confidence, courage and faith with a positive spirit in the sacred ritual education,completingthe spiritual baptism and their role change into medical students and taking the first step towards medical career.

In the report of Jia Wenqing, an representative from eight-year clinical medicine of grade 2017,starting with her personal experience, she shared how she met medicine, how she became attached to it, and how shestruggled to choose medicine as the future career. On behalf of the freshmen,she made a solemn promise that they would certainly live up to expectations, taking commitment to the country‘s strength, exploration of the true knowledge of science and practice the sacred medicine as their own responsibility; also, they would put their dream into action, persist in medical faith, become brave at the forefront to pay a more brilliant future; and they would set the thorns road into a smooth way with their eagles wings fighting in the sky, to write a colorful chapter!

Yang Yi,a graduate in2017 of the eight-year clinical medical (French class) and also a resident in theaffiliated Ruijin Hospital,speaking as a senateshared his own insights and experienceswith the freshmen,providing valuable experience and enlightenmentfor their forthcoming medical career. He called for the younger students who werestanding on the new starting line of life to follow their predecessors as role models and never forget theirown beginning heartsto realize their dreamsand make contributions to Chinesehealthy with passion!

Chen Guoqiang,Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, vice president of SJTU, president and deputy party secretaryof School of Medicine expressed his heartfelt congratulation and warm welcome to the medical students on behalf of all the medical staff. He pointed out that every student here inSJTU-SMwas a “learning tyrant,” but the past and present excellence could not represent the brilliant future and success. Everyone would face even greater hardships and challenges here. He added that since the students chose medicine, they chose to be devoted to medicine and since they chose SJTU, they chose excellence. He hoped everyone could cherish the feelings of nation and countries while sticking to the path of striving for excellence. As a “medical doctor in SJTU-SM,” they should be born with cultural genes coding the persistent pursuit of excellence and adherence to the cultural character. He encouraged new students to continuously make achievements in wisdom, to improve their personality, to work hard to learn how to behave well, to learn knowledge and work together with others to create their own worthy era of medical excellence in their future career.

Finally, from the perspective of elders, teachers, doctors and scholars,Academician Wang Zhenyi addressed and proposed to the younger generation who were newly admitted to the medical profession, in which he raised five rules that he hoped they would not forget the original purpose of studying medicine and the correct purpose and direction; always upheld their dedication with sacrifice spirit and made unremitting efforts for human health and life with pleasure; value the environment and conditions given by the Great Times, diligently study hard; continue to cultivate professional character and noble medical ethics, establish the ideal and faith and life beliefs; take “to learn to get good grades”nowand“to be patient-patient disease”in the future as the largest life value, pleasure and enjoyment; properly handle various contradictions and problems in family, parents and love; never shake the will by temporary achievements or failures, persevere through long-term efforts, persistently encourage yourself to climb the peak of medicine and accumulate the thickness of life to realize self-worth.

As an important connotation of the ideological and political education for medical students, the new entrance ceremony integratedtogether with education on loving school and country, ideals and beliefs education, professionalism education and professional ideological education to bring the ritual education into fully play and help new students grow up into talents.