Freshmen of Grade 2017of SJTU-SM successfully registered

On September 9, freshmen of grade 2017 of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine(SJTU-SM) were enrolled in Campus Minhang and Campus Huangpu, including 647 undergraduates, 1015 masters and 502 doctoral students by 6 pm. The leaders,including Jiang Sixian (party secretary of SJTU), Fan Xianqun (deputy party secretary of SJTUand party secretary of SJTU-SM), Chen Guoqiang (president and party secretary of SJTU-SM), Wu Tao (deputy Partysecretary of SJTU-SM) and Hu Yi (vice president of SJTU-SM), respectively visited the reception center, students‘dormitory, parents’ meeting and other places, and welcomed the freshmen of SJTU-SM undergraduates and postgraduates. Relevant functional departments of medical school have worked together to make good preparations forgood logistical support for the welcome work.

In the morning, at CampusMinhang, Jiang Sixianmet the undergraduate students of the Medical Schoolattheir reception booth. He also asked in detail about the specific issues for welcoming new students and the welcome features and bright spots this time. Secretary Jiang stressed the humanistic care and psychological support for the freshmen. Subsequently, Jiangaccompanied by Wu Tao visited the dormitories for medical students, and encouraged the students to choose and explore medical science. During the visit, they specially visited a new student who had experienced two earthquakes in Sichuan, cared about her life and encouraged her not to forget her initial thoughts on the path of medicine. At the Huangpu Campus, the leaders of SJTU-SM also cordially visited postgraduate freshmen, encouraged them to adhere to their medical dreamsand guide and comforte the welcome workat the post-graduate registration desk.

In the afternoon, at CampusHuangpu, Chen Guoqiang, Wu Tao, etc. participated in the meeting for students of grade 2017 eight-yearclinical medicine (French class) andfive-yearclinical medicine (English class) and their parents, in which all functional departments answeredtheir questionson the curriculum, employment prospects, study abroad, career development and other aspects. At the meeting, the public WeChat accounts of thesetwo classes “YiQiFa BAR” and “Fangcao 17 Yingwuzhou” was officially opened. At CampusMinhang, Hu Yiqun held a parent meeting on the theme of “Opening up Prominence and Keeping Improving” in Wu Weiquan Hall, in which he introduced the history, faculty, platform and professional prospects of the medical school and answered their questions, hoping that they could create a medical futruethrough their cooperation.

The welcome work this year has been well-organized by all departments early before September,which has simplifiedthe registration, clearly markedthe booths,making everything in an efficient and orderly manner. Volunteers, rushing back and forth between the booths, became a landscapein the welcome team. The student organizations also actively designed and planned a special package for freshmen. The welcome workwith the theme of “Dream Sailing Here”,conducted education into all aspects, in which services would be extended and education would be expanded. “Sister News”, “Campus Life Raiders”, “Guideon public numbers in SJTU-SM” and other network advicefor freshmen have opened a new medical careerfor them.