A delegation from the healthministry of Quebec, Canada visited Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine

On the morning of September 5, Quebec health and human services secretary Gaetan Barrette and other 10 people visited SJTUSM. Mr Chen hongzhuan, vice President of the school of medicine, delivered warm reception of the foreign guests. The two sides held friendly talks.

At the beginning of the meeting, Chen hongzhuan, vice President, introducedto Quebec delegation about the development history of medical school, the school scale as well as our current Chinese and foreign cooperation projects. He emphatically introduced the china-canada cooperation in our communication.

During the talks, Mr Barrette expressed that sino-canadian exchanges in the international communication. In view of our good cooperation with laval university and the university of Montreal Quebec province, he hoped to be able to continue cooperation in the fields such as medical, scientific research, students develop cooperation, and hoped that China and Canada could explore new cooperation with intention and possibility.

Vice president, Chen Hongzhuan, responded that at present our cooperation with university of Ottawa has established the sino-canadian joint school of medicine, with laval university and the university of Montreal. We had a good scientific research cooperation and student exchange programs, and we hoped to further deepen pragmatic cooperation and communication, develop and expand in public health and biomedical and other new areas of cooperation, strengthen the French training of teachers and students.

After the talks, Mr. Barrette invited vice President Chen Hongzhuan to visit Quebec to further discuss the cooperation details.