615 projects! Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine has a new breakthrough in the National Natural Science Foundation

On August 17, the National Natural Science Foundation Committee of 2017 had completed reviewing all kinds of accepted project applications and published the results, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University(SJTU) School of Medicine received 608 various types of funding projects with direct funds of 288 million yuan, in addition Shanghai Mental Health Center and Shanghai Cancer Institute as supporting institutions received 7fundings. The amount of the projects and the funds that SJTU School of Medicine got this year have increased by 22% and 28% than those last year, which has made a historical breakthrough in project type and in science department. In addition to the 335 normal projects and 256 youth projects, it also won 1innovation group, 8 key projects, four key international (regional) cooperation research projects, 1 group cooperation study project (NSFC - NIH), 5 Outstanding Youth Science Foundation projects, 3 Hong Kong and Macao and Overseas Scholars Cooperative Research Foundation projects, 1 emergency management project, 1 national cooperation projects, etc., and another two National Outstanding Youth Science Fund projects were listed,covering seven science divisions, which showed great strength.

On the basis of cultivating and stabilizing teams and increasing scientific research competition ability etc., the secondary schools and affiliated hospitals havedone a lot of meticulous, careful work in the declaration of the National Natural Science Fund Project, andalso have achieved good results, in which SJTU college of basicmedicine makesa breakthrough in the growth of key projects and innovation groups.“Stress and Tumor” led by Professor Chen Guoqiangwins the innovation research group, and it is reported that the project is mainly to support outstanding young scientists to become the study of the academic leaders and backbone, carry out innovative research on a common important topic, train and bring up a scientific research group at the international forefront.The 2017 Innovation Research Group Projects funded only 38 plans nationwide with a funding deadline of six years and fund strength of RMB 10.5 million/item (mathematical and scientific management is 7.35 million yuan/item). In addition, Renji Hospital won 109 National Natural Science Fund Project, who reached one hundred items for the first time, together with affiliated Ruijin Hospital playing a good demonstration leading role among affiliated hospitals; The Shanghai Children‘s Medical Center received 21 items, ranking first in the affiliated specialized hospitals in the system.