Student Union made dumplings for medical staff on duty on New Year's eve

Student Union made dumplings for medical staff on duty on New Year‘s eve February 18. in the New Year’s eve, school students actively carried out “warm sheep the spring warmth of activity, has to the ruijin hospital, Ren Ji hospital, Xin Hua hospital, ninth people‘s hospital, the sixth people’s hospital, children‘s medical center in the emergency department, and other units, on behalf of the general medical students to those medical workers who still hard struggle in the front line during the fesitval and expressed gratitude and respect. They also delivered the New Year’s blessing.

Students consisting of more than 10 backbone members spontaneously came to the school canteen package dumplings for just three hours, 100 ”Tang Yuan“ hands-on cooking fresh, with the vast number of medical students in the New Year‘s eve is still jobs white angels admiration of love. Just over 18 noon, student representatives arrived early each hospital emergency room, they put the dumplings into the warm water bag, water bottle for the medical personnel and other gifts and a bowl of bowl of steaming dumplings, to fight the angel on the warmth of wintry day, for reunion and happy New Year blessing, the move has received the medical workers deep appreciation.

After Gift were sent out, the student delegates also had a brief communication with part of the duty of a doctor. When doctors were asked about the New Year wishes, almost every doctor expressed the hope that the hospital patients recovered from wishes as soon as possible. ”At work during the holiday season is our obligatory responsibility. As a doctor, I believe that all of the colleagues and I, also the biggest wish is hope of peace and health for everyone.“ Attached to guo liang Yang Ren Ji hospital urology department emergency room doctor says the everyone’s mind. During the talks, the students were often struck by such sincere words.

It is said that to let people live a happy and peaceful health and safety in Shanghai during Spring Festival, there are at least 75000 medical personnel stick to jobs, silent guard the public health, maintain the Shanghai public health security. Warmth in the ”sheep the spring warmth of“ activities, the students‘ representative, mainly to visit the emergency call hall and emergency medical personnel of each department, thank them was for you, continue to fight in the first line medical during Spring Festival. Activities in the process of examination of citizens also praised the zeal of the duty of health care and patience, thanks to their effort and dedication. At the same time, through this activity, the medical students also received from clinical workers full of positive energy, must redouble our efforts in the future. No dreams can heal the wounded and rescue the dying, and they will not lose medical predecessors great trust!