Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School Of Medicine built the first operating room of integrated double co

A few days ago, after the early stage of the preparation and careful commissioning, domestic first “integration” double composite navigation in the operating room in Shanghai sixth people‘s hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School Of Medicine orthopaedic department officially launched in the the first floor. of orthopaedic building. At present, the hospital application of the advanced system has successfully completed in 20 cases, involving orthopedic and vascular surgery and otolaryngology multidisciplinary fields.

Tao Min Fang, vice president of Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School Of Medicine introduced that there are few domestic hospitals that are equipped with composite operating rooms, and Shanghai Sixth People‘s Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School Of Medicine put into use of the composite operating room will robots, slippery course high-end video equipment such as CT imaging system combined with advanced intraoperative navigation system, initiated at home and abroad. The intelligent operating room really did “examination and treatment in a body,” “blends together the preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative detection in one”, in the field of professional brings a “landmark” change. It is completed optimization of diagnosis and treatment process, the critically ill patient was sent to hospital for some simple check can directly to the operating room after the rescue, thus win precious time for patients.

Zhang Chang Qing , orthopaedic specialist as well as vice president of Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School Of Medicine told the reporters that we do surgery relying mainly on the original experience. Sometimes, there may be some deviations, and enabled the system can make up for the regret. For some special complex of critically ill patients, with the aid of it, we can do surgery more accurate and perfect. I believe, it appeared to some difficult surgery or we can‘t do it ever help a lot. But he also said that the system can still not completely replace the doctor’s basic experience and technology. We will make full use their wisdom and experience, and constantly develop and utilize the advanced features in the system, the operation perfectly, benefit the patients.

Intelligent operating room of Shanghai Sixth People‘s Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School Of Medicine, can not only provide orthopaedic clinical departments, such as a new high-end platform, and it will also combine the clinical advantages of the Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School Of Medicine at home and abroad. It can provide patients with the latest medical technology platform on a higher level of medical treatment service. And they will take this opportunity to further improve the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and vigorously promote the development of medical science and technology front, benefiting people‘s livelihood and national health. The main highlights are: 1, high-end slide rail energy spectrum CT effectively solve metal implants “metal artifacts, show the bones and surrounding soft tissue structures, provide accurate operation CT images. 2, the most advanced robot can realize real-time panoramic X-ray imaging system mechanics, with 360 degree of exposure, exposure to accomplish complex position requirements, provide large imaging, can be very convenient for patients according to the position on the sand beach. 3, intraoperative real-time CT navigation robot navigation and X-ray imaging system integration, to provide accurate positioning, reduce the operation risk, reduce the X-ray radiation dose, shorten the operation time and hospitalization period. 4, intelligent surgical bed can realize intelligent memory exposure Angle, operation bed and flat of information acquisition and control automation, can step in place automatically according to the preset conditions, improve the operation efficiency and safety. The slide rail type CT can works in the same operating room and vascular ZaoYingJi already, also can be moved to the operating room adjacent work individually, intraoperative imaging system also implements the robot provides real-time two-dimensional images, intraoperative real-time location and guidance, and fully automatic registration of CT images, and implement in the preoperative and perioperative 3 d navigation. Real-time intraoperative CT navigation robot navigation and X-ray imaging system integration, provide accurate positioning and implant surgery, embodies the ”all you can see on the spot“ function, which greatly improved the operation security and accuracy.

In the interview, reporters understood that there were cure of two typical cases inthe operating room. One is called the 33-year-old orthopaedic male patients, hospital diagnosis is: the pelvic fractures, pubic symphysis separation Closed abdominal injury, splenic rupture, the left hepatic lobe sharp crack, after splenectomy, lobe repair surgery, multiple fractured ribs, and pulmonary contusion, pleural effusion. Patients received early intelligent was sent into the operating room after emergency surgery, intraoperative Zeego and Brain Lab jointly completed internal fixation of accurate positioning, complete pelvic fracture plate screw fixation. Compared to the past, not only significantly shorten the operation time, and reduce the trauma, few bleeding. Another patient is called general surgery, 34 male patients, hospital diagnosis is: the distal abdominal aorta and the iliac artery occlusion, descending aorta blood clots, iliac artery occlusion again for lateral femoral artery bypass surgery, type 2 diabetes () multiple aorto arteritis. Exposed in compound in the operating room first artificial blood vessels and shallow arterial anastomosis, using Zeego imaging system check, clear the left iliac artery occlusion, the bilateral femoral artery bypass artificial vascular occlusion, not directly to abdominal aorta stenting. Then take the first replacement of artificial blood vessels, and then a period in imaging downward abdominal aorta stenting. This surgery done perfectly cavity channel by open surgery, open surgery in the complete cavity treatment. Reflected the advantages of compound in the operating room, the new system carried out the optimization of individualized programs, the combination of the latest medical technology and medical improvement.

In intelligent operating room, the reporter went to a bone surgery. According to professor Luo Cong Feng, orthopaedic chief physician, in the conventional surgery, even very experienced physicians, the deviation rate is 5 degrees or so, and with computer control bone cutting, however it can control the deviation rate of about 1 degree. He also pointed out that the orthopedic applications of implantable species is various, such as steel nails, screws, plywood, in the past we normal wound healing or deformity correction surgery had a higher failure rate, the reason is that it is not controllable; And the application of navigation system and through the computer screen, and physicians can timely adjust the Angle of the implant surgery, eventually fully embody the ”precision“ and the tenet of ”fine“. Nowadays, the requirement from medical patients for medical surgeries is getting increasingly more day by day. For those routes, we should also make good use of advanced technologies, and at the same tine make medicine more perfect.