Li Qingfeng and his team from Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital received Second Prize of National science and technology award

On the morning on January 9, the 2016 annual national science and technology reward came good news in the conference. the Li Qingfeng and his team from Shanghai Ninth People‘s Hospital received Second Prize of National science and technology award for completing the project “the head face severe burns key repair technology innovation and application. They won the 2016 annual national science and technology progress second prize.

High speed development in transport, energy and large social event, fire, explosion and other major industrial showed a trend of high incidence and severe burn injury and complex, has the characteristic such as high disability and high hazard, its treatment means lack of specification, poor curative effect, the lack of diagnosis and treatment, and long cycle, high cost problem, is one of the worldwide medical problem. The head face severe burns key repair technology innovation and application of the project with a number of national key project support, the representative of head face severe burns to repair as the breakthrough point, through collaboration with the national 21 hospitals, after more than 10 years of research, obtained by international peers highly significant technological breakthroughs and innovation:

First, it has been clear about the technical bottleneck, for the first time put forward ”organization structure repair beforehand“ treatment strategies, found two mechanism, created three new treatments. (1) through the large sample research to a systematic review, found that lack of repair in tissue donor and do not match, is the main reason of poor response, cause the reoperation rate as high as 70% above; Put forward the corresponding new treatment strategies, namely the integrated application of digital medicine and regenerative medicine and reconstructive surgery, so as to realize the precise matching donor and receptor and functional reconstruction. (2) find skin regeneration exists under the tension of stem cell depletion, has been clear about the main channel in the process of the structural organization vascularization and therapeutic targets. Based on these two mechanisms, created the ”cell transplantation can improve skin tension“, ”low oxygen induced structural tissue vascularization beforehand“ treatment, such as and ”organization structure repair beforehand“ integrated technology platform.

Second, the innovation head facial burn repair technology and treatment system, formed the diagnosis standard, the curative effect of the international advanced level. (1) to promote the treatment concept transformation, applications targeted tissue flap, in the process of the construction alternatives to traditional skin grafts, large sample application shows that reoperation rate significantly reduced; (2) set up for 5 kinds of head face common burn treatment system, including eye eyesight to save, nasal airway reconstruction, oral closed forming and function of head and neck reconstruction, etc.; (3) to create the seven new technologies, enhance the curative effect, significantly shorten the hospitalization days and reduce the hospitalization expenses; (4) is put forward in the world of facial burn repair system classification and optimizing treatment, was named the American society for reconstruction surgery good papers; (5) has compiled the first process facial burn repair guidelines and the head facial burns reconstruction surgery monographs.

Thirdly, they created the iconic ”autologous whole face advance structure reconstruction technology,“ in treatment of knotty international leading, implements the whole face is damaged from the ”no cure“ to the ”breakthrough“ can be effectively treated. They avoided the allograft face transplant of immunosuppression, lack of donor, ethical problems, and formed the highland reconstruction surgery technique in our country. According to famous sciencedaily report, this is known as Chinese Method.