No more restrictions on seniority! SJTUSM opens a door for special promotion for young specialists and encourages them to fight hard

On January 3 recently, the Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, restartedexceptional promotion system, which has caused wide public concern. It is understood that shortly after the abnormality of the promotion, a total of 53 teachers apply for abnormality, eventually there are 11 and 29 respectively through two rounds of review become demotivate orthometric height, the subtropical high.

In the late 90 s of the last century, in order to fill a vacancy talented person‘s fault for many years, Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine have open abnormality “gate” of promotion. According to statistics, only 1998-2004, 123 people were granted special promotion, over half later became national outstanding contributors, academicians, changjiang scholars both at home and abroad as well as “973” chief scientist, etc.

But since 2004, the system has been stopped. Now restarting the system pushed back the campus “qualifications” fence, let more outstanding young people jump out to, rest assured bold “put on more steam rolled up his sleeves.

Zhu He was born in 1985, an associate researcherthe from Renji hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, stem cell center , she is in the abnormality is one of the youngest among the people is to declare. Zhu He undergraduate course graduated from fudan university, then went to the United States to study for a doctorate at the university of California, Dr Stay after graduation engaged in postdoctoral research work, returning to China in 2012 to work in the Renji hospital.

For this can demotivate promotion, Zhu He said, schools and hospitals in their work and their own development seriously, ”medical school introduced such promotion policies, greatly inspired me with other young researchers work enthusiasm, let us see age, seniority is no longer one of the major evaluation criteria, as long as the young people have innovative research ideas, research ability and good academic achievements, can quickly get identity and value. On the other hand, senior titles is of great help to our actual work, because of her beautiful title is the prerequisite of doctoral supervisor to apply for, only get promoted, I was able to recruit and post-doctoral, to organize the team to conduct scientific experiments. In addition, senior titles can also help a lot of talent project and national declaration of subject.“

For fellow Cao Yanan after 80, the abnormality is a promotion, perhaps even more rare. Unlike Zhu He Cao Yanan, graduated from Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine ”4 + 4“ eight-year program of clinical medicine, have been working in ruijin hospital after graduation, entirely in jiaotong university school of medicine ruijin hospital and grown under cultivation. Cao Yanan was engaged in the study of endocrine tumors in doctoral study.In 2014, she published in the journal science. At that year she was promoted to subtropical high. Two years later, she got promotion again.

Cao Yanan said in an interview, cultivation of talents in the field of medicine and growth needs a long period, Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine abnormality is the establishment of promotion system, struggle for on clinical and medical research front, provides a valuable opportunity for young people, has set up a platform for the better, also set a higher goal.

Why ”broken“? Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, dean Chen guoqiang said all hit the nail on the head the reason: ”according to today’s system, Dr. Graduated from 10 years also do subtropical high, the subtropical high, after 15 years to do beautiful hair, the hair is white, what all have no passion, also how to get to the development of young people.“

Chen guoqiang was a doctoral student on 30 June 1996 at the age of 33 doctoral graduate, he became a deputy researcher. In March 1999, after more than two years he succeeded once again, become demotivate researcher. DeanChen guoqiang, said he himself is the beneficiary of abnormality mechanism leading to his achievement.

Dr Chen would skip the intermediate title abnormality to the subtropical high, this directly to my saved five years, and to win a lot of a person with a component of the project. The innovation of the life of gold, how many 5 years?!” An abnormality of promotion enjoyed jiaotong university medical school professor regrets ground told reporters.

Cao Yanan said the abnormality is promoted to young people on the accelerator, let them earlier on the new stage, but not a halo senior titles, but a commitment. “In the future work, to continue to ‘put on more steam rolled up his sleeves, don’t forget to beginner‘s mind, bold innovation, steadfastly continue to climb the peak.”