Five scholars from SJTUSM were in the sixth batch list of Shanghai One Thousand Talents Plan

Recently, the organization department of the CPC Shanghai committee officially announced the sixth batch of Shanghai “one thousand plan” introduce talents, finally through the review of innovation, a total of 63 people for a long time, innovation in the short term, a total of 40 people. In this list, a total of five scholars are from SJTUSM: Qi lei researcher, male, genomics, now at Stanford university; Yu Di researcher, male, immunology, now at Australia‘s monash university. professor Sun Shaocong, male, immunology, now at Anderson cancer center in the United States; Professor Zhang Yuan, male, immunology, now at duke university. Professor wan-jun Chen, male, immunology, now at the national institutes of health.

Shanghai “one thousand plan” is the Shanghai launch high-level talents introduction plan. The goal is to use 5-10 years, around the national major strategic and Shanghai key development strategy target of talent demand, with the introduction of a batch of much-needed high-level overseas talents shortage, the eligible enterprises, universities, research institutes. It helps to set up 20-30 municipal overseas high-level innovative entrepreneurial talent base.In addition, the city and unit also introduces talents for 1 million yuan of one-time life support. Shanghai “one thousand plan” introduced points of two kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship, creative talents should be in common PhD overseas in this field with high visibility recognised by peer experts, and in accordance with one of the following conditions: in the country (condition) outside the famous institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes and well-known laboratory equivalent to associate professor and above positions of experts and scholars; In international famous enterprises, financial institutions, and other related professional organizations and international organizations in the important position of professional and technical personnel and management personnel; With independent intellectual property rights or grasp core technology, with overseas experience, familiar with the industry development and the international rules of entrepreneurial talent; Promote the “four first”, accelerate the construction of “four centers” shortage of urgently needed, is a leading international or domestic first-class professional level of other high-level overseas talents.

It is reported that so far, SJTUSM has had a total of 39 experts in the list of “one thousand talents plan”.Among them, 6 people belong to innovation long-term. 33 people belong to the innovation of short-term.