Hong Dengli and his team published their scientific achievements on Leukemia

On December 9, HongDengLi from apoptosis and differentiation of the ministry of education key laboratory research, introduced expression of the fetal hematopoiesis regulator FEV are leukemias of prenatal origin, in the international famous journals published online “Leukemia”with impact factor of (12.104) about the latest research results. They reported embryonic hematopoiesis regulation factors of FEV Expression can instruct prenatal origin of Leukemia.

Understand the origin of tumor to study the etiology and treatment of tumor has very important guiding role. However, the lack of effective clinical diagnostic methods to identify children tumor origin is before or after birth. HongDengLi group put forward the expression of tranion factors FEV can serve as the origin of the birth of childhood leukemia. In normal hematopoietic growth, FEV conservative expressed in embryonic hematopoietic cells, embryonic hematopoietic stem cells is the important regulatory factors of the occurrence and self-renewal. In childhood leukemia, FEV only in prenatal origin of leukemia cells express, reconstruction of leukemia stem cells disease ability play an important role. The work was first put forward to identify the origin of leukemia diagnosis markers, and provides the potential for embryonic origin of leukemia treatment of specific targets, to study the occurrence of leukemia and new treatment provides a new direction.

The work is done by the cell apoptosis and differentiation of the ministry of education key laboratory HongDengLi Shang Yanjing Chen guoqiang group, Shanghai children‘s medical center and professor and researcher at the institute of zoology, and Chinese academy of sciences Liu Feng. The work has received the national natural science foundation projects and funded by ministry of science and technology of project 973.

The article links:http://www.nature.com/leu/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/leu2016313a.html