Clinical Department at Sixth People’s Hospital

Liuyuan College ofClinical Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicineis located in the ShanghaiNo.6 People's Hospital,a national modelin the cultivation of socialist civility. It has the capacity of1400 beds and 17 Teaching and Research groups. The hospital isrenowned for its academic and clinical achievements, such as limbreplantation, and is a frontrunner in ultrasound diagnosis, traumaorthopedics, clinical diagnosis and treatment of diabetes andseveral other areas. The college has in its faculty 1 academicianof the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 242 senior surgeons andphysicians; among them 23 are doctoral tutors and 69 master'stutors. In more than two decades since the establishment of thecollege, 1300 students have undergraduated from here and have avery high rate of being employed.

The total area for teaching purpose is about5000 square meters,including a clinical training center, and well-equipped classroomswith modern teaching facilities In 1995,the hospital was named theonly teaching hospital with "A" level standard; in 2003,in thenational assessment of teaching quality organized by the Ministryof Education, the college stood out in the high-level teachingconditions, rigorus teaching management, down-to-earth teachingstyle and high-quality students, winning praise by the Ministry ofEducation expert group .

In recent years, our college has received a series of awards fromthe municipal authorities and the Ministry of Health. In the driveto promote civility, the college was cited as a model in 1999 forhelping the elderly in Shanghai, and praised as abase of love, in2005, by Xuhui District.

Facing new development and new opportunities, our college willcontinue to explore and adopt new idea of teaching, making effortsto train high-level medical personnel and be an outstandingclinical medical college.

Address:No.600 Yishan Road,Shanghai



He Mengqiao

He Mengqiao, Professor, graduated from the SecondMilitary Medical University in 1969. Since 1984, he has served asdeputy party secretary and chairman of the Shanghai No.1 People'sHospital, vice president of Shanghai No.6 People's Hospital,president of the Shanghai Chest Hospital, and deputy partysecretary of Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau. At present, he’s thepresident of the Shanghai No.6 People's Hospital Affiliated toShanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. As a well-knownexpert in hospital management in Shanghai and across the nation,he’s also the executive director of the Chinese Hospital ManagementSociety, and chairman of the Hospital Management Society underShanghai Medical Association. He teaches and enjoys great prestigein EMBA program jointly run by Fudan University and Shanghai JiaoTong University School of Management. He attaches great importanceto medical education, saying that “Medical service is thehospital’s today, but education means itstomorrow.”


Qin Huanlong, Zou Yang

(1)Qin Huanlong, chief surgeon of general surgery,professor, doctoral tutor, and research director of ParenteralEnteral Nutrition. Engaged in clinical general surgery for 20years, expert in gastrointestinal surgery, diagnosis and treatmentoff requently-occurring diseases. His areas of research andpractice include parenteral nutritional treatment of thecritically-illpatient, surgery of complex trauma, intestinalfistula, short bowel syndrome, severe acute pancreatitis,inflammatory bowel disease, the treatment of advancedtumors,etc.

(2)Zou Yang, chief surgeon of general surgery, professor, has beenengaged in general surgery since 1982, especially experienced indiagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases, breast diseases,biliary tract diseases and gastrointestinal tumors. In recentyears, he has turned his interest to the diagnosis and treatment ofcolorectal cancer and anorectal diseases. He shows great interestin

medical education, and has developed new modes of teaching thathave been applied in Jiao Tong University school of Medicine. Hehas been awarded prizes for his outstanding work both withinShanghai Jiao Tong University and at the municipallevel.

Office ofDirector:

Zou Yang