Clinical Department at Ruijin Hospital

Ruijin College of Clinical Medicine is based in RuijinHospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School ofMedicine. With the long history and tradition of Ruijin Hospitalreflected by its motto of “building with emphasis on quality,consolidating by relying on new talents and flourishing throughscience and education” and by virtue of its professional andacademic strengths, the college has trained thousands ofoutstanding medical professionals for thecountry.

Ruijin College of Clinical Medicine has 35 teaching andresearch departments. It has the biggest student number and campussize among all colleges of clinical medicine in Shanghai Jiao TongUniversity School of Medicine. The college has 894 clinicians,including 190 professors and chief doctors, as well as 316associateprofessors and associate chief doctor. About 700 medical studentsare grouped into 12 classes. The college offers clinical trainingto students in programs of clinical medicine, laboratory sciences,and advanced nursing programs.

As a feature of this college, the program of clinicalmedicine with French as the major teaching language has been inexistence for more than 20 years. It has now become a cooperativeproject jointly sponsored by the Chinese and French governments, ahighlight thatreceives full support from the two governments.Around 50% of students from this program have the prospect of goingto France for postgraduate clinical training. Besides, the collegeaccepts overseas students from France and Canada.

The program of medical laboratory sciences wasestablished in 1983, the first of its kind that offers education inlaboratory sciences to undergraduates. It has been upgraded toconfer master’s degrees. Currently, the program has more than 30full-time teachers and contract professors from other affiliatedhospitals.

Address:197, 2nd Ruijin Road, Shanghai China,200025



Li Hongwei

Professor Li Hongwei is now the president of RuijinHospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School ofMedicine,dean of Ruijin College of Clinical Medicine, Shanghai JiaoTong University School of Medicine, director of Shanghai Instituteof Digestive Surgery, professor and surgeon-in-chief in theDepartment of Surgery, Ruijin Hospital, and tenured professor ofRuijin Hospital and tutor of Ph.D. students.

Graduated from Shanghai Second Medical College in 1961,Prof. Li Hongwei has been engaging in general surgery and research,especially in surgical treatment of portal hypertension, liverdiseases, and rescue and monitoring of critically-ill patients. Thefirst liver transplantation of a cleavage type in China and thefirst multi-organ transplantation in Asia were performed by Prof.Liand his colleagues with full success.

Professor Li has held many major academic positions,including board member of Surgical Branch of Chinese MedicalAssociation, vice president of Portal Hypertension Branch ofChinese Medical Association; president of Shanghai Association ofSurgery; honorary member of French Surgical Association. He hasedited, written, and translated seven special educational books andpublished more than80 papers in major clinicaljournals.

Professor Li was among the first group cited as ExcellentPresidents of Hospitals in Shanghai and Excellent HospitalPresidents in China. He has won a Third World Prize for Progress inScience and Technology. In 1998, he was awarded the French KnightHonorable Medal, and in 2003, he won a National Prize forOutstanding Contributions to Management ofHospitals.

Under the leadership of Prof. Li, adhering to the spiritof” solidarity, practice, strictness, and innovation” and thestrategy of “building with emphasis on quality, consolidating byrelying on new talents and flourishing through science andeducation", Ruijin Hospital has gained fruitful achievements in allaspects of medicine, teaching, and research and made outstandingcontributions regarding hospital management.

Deputy Director:

Zheng Minghua

Professor Zheng Minhua, male, born in 1963, has graduatedfrom a special program of medicine with French as the majorteaching language in Shanghai Second Medical University in 1986.Then hewent to Strasbourg, France, as an overseas residentsponsored by the government, followed by the completion ofattending surge on training within six years. In 1992, heintroduced minimally invasive techniques in surgical operations anddeveloped laparoscopic cholecystectomy and colon resection, aftercoming back to Ruijin Hospital. For these special achievements, hewas promoted as an exceptional case to deputy director andsurgeon-in-chief consecutively. Now he is the vice president ofRuijin Hospital, and deputy director of Ruijin College of ClinicalMedicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. He isalso director of Shanghai Minimally Invasive Surgery Center,professor of general surgery and tutor for PhDCandidates.

Prof. Zheng assumes many academic positions, including thecouncilmember of World Union of Endoscopic Surgery, executivedirector of Endoscopic & Laparoscopic Surgeons of Asia (ELSA),president of Chinese Society of Laparoscopic and EndoscopicSurgery, founding Member of Asia-Pacific Hernia Society, member ofProfessional Committee of Colorectal Cancer of CACA (ChineseAnti-Cancer Association), member of Shanghai Institute of MedicalAssociation of Evidence-Based Medicine. Also, he serves asassociate editor in editorial boards of many leading academicjournals, such as Chinese Journal of Surgery, Chinese Journal ofGeneral Surgery, Chinese Journal of Practical Surgery, ChineseJournal of Gastrointestinal Surgery, Chinese Journal of MinimallyInvasive Surgery, Journal of Surgery Concepts & Practice,Journal of Laparoscopic Surgery, etc.

Prof. Zheng Minhua has been engaging in clinical practice andresearch in general surgery for a long time. He undertook projectsin "Venus Plan" sponsored by Shanghai Science and TechnologyCommission and "the Hundred Talents Program" of Shanghai HealthField after returning from France. He performed the firstlaparoscopic cholecystectomy in East China, followed by the firstcolorectal cancer resection, adrenal resection, and hernia repairby laparoscopy in the 1990s. In 2005, he successfully performed thefirst pancreas-jejunum resection by laparoscopy, and has extendedthe application of surgical techniques to other organs and systems,including stomach, thyroid, pancreas, and adrenal gland. Under hissupervision, the Department of Minimally Invasive Surgery hasbecome the first such clinical center established in Shanghai andplays the key role in the application & promotion of theminimally invasive surgical techniques nationwide.

At the moment, types of operations by laparoscopy carried out bythe center cover almost entire surgical fields and the number ofoperations by laparoscopy and endoscopy exceeds 3,500 each year. Sofar, Prof. Zheng and colleagues have developed over 40 kinds of thelaparoscopic operations, and performed more than 15, 000cases,anational and international leader in surgical techniquesforbiliary diseases and colon-rectal cancers. Through scientificresearch, teaching and academic exchanges, the discipline ofminimally invasive surgery has made a major impactinternationally.

He has published more than 200 papers in periodicals and journals,both nationally and internationally. He is the author of4monographs, and contributor to 11 other monographs. The centerhave won many prizes for the results it has achieved. His project,"clinical and basic research of the laparoscopic colorectaloperation", won the State 2nd Prize for Progress in Science andTechnology in Shanghai in 2003, and the State 1st Prize in 2008. Hehas also been cited as one of ”the Ten Outstanding Youth" and"The famous Teacher" in Shanghai in 2008. He receives the StateCouncil Special Allowance.

Office of Director:

Zhu Haiyan

Tel: 86-21-64370045*610301