Clinical Department at Renji Hospital

Renji Collegeof Clinical Medicine, which relies on Renji Hospital affiliated toShanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, has21 staffgroups which undertake the tasks of teaching in clinical medicine,health management, preventive medicine, laboratory medicine,stomatology and nutriology. While performing the regular task ofteaching students in the full-time 5-year, 7-year and8-yearprograms and adults education, the college also serves as atraining base for medical specialists of the Ministry of Health andgeneral practitioners of Shanghai Health Bureau. Each year itconducts 40 to 50 teaching classes of continuing medical educationat the national and municipal levels. The school has a teachingbuilding and student apartments covering 6,400 square meters in theEast Renji Hospital and 2,000 square meters teaching areas in theWest Renji Hospital, including 15 classrooms, 1 networkclassroom,225 square meters of teaching offices, 3 conference roomsand 435beds in student apartments.

The education of Renji College of Clinical Medicine is noted foritsabundant contents and pioneering characteristics whichhavenation-wide influence in the field of clinical education.Clinical Education Subcommittee of National Higher MedicalEducation Association and the Educational Center of National HigherClinical Medical Education are set in Renji Hospital. The collegepays special heed to the demand of teaching, strengthens managementof teaching quality of undergraduates and promotes PBL teaching andeducation reform focused on humanistic quality education. Itencourages professors and chief physicians to give lectures so thatover 75% of the theoretical courses are taught by teachers withsenior titles. Besides, the college has introduced a system ofsupervising the teaching of theory courses, probation andinternship by special supervision groups, with emphasis onthetraining of well-qualified teachers. It has sent promisingteachers to participate in the training programs in Hongkong, Macauand Sydney University in Australia. As part of the results, morethan ten educational research papers have been published.Presently, the college undertakes the teaching of such majorcourses as internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology to studentsin Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. More than ten awardsfor outstanding teaching achievements have been won at national andmunicipal levels: Obstetrics and Gynecology was cited as a nationalexcellent course in 2007 and the teaching team was praised as anexcellent group by Shanghai Municipality in 2008; Diagnostics was anational bilingual demonstrative course; Anesthesiology andCritical Care Medicine was an excellent course of Shanghai in 2008;Nuclear Medicine was the key course of Shanghai EducationCommission; Chen Fangyuan from the department of hematology and CaoLanfang from the Department of Pediatrics received the ExcellentTeacher Awards of Bao Steel and Dumex.

Renji College of Clinical Medicine is expanding multiple-levelcooperation and exchange with famous medical schools at home andabroad. In recent years, more than ten students each year are sentto Nebraska University in USA, Sydney University in Australia,Linköping University in Sweden and Tokyo Women’s Medical Universityin Japan. Clinical internship and exchange are being developed.Regular exchange visits have been established between Renji Collegeof Clinical Medicine and the medical schools of Sydney Universityand Linköping University, which has opened new space for ourinternational development of medical education.

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Fan Guanrong

Fan Guanrong,male, born in 1947, graduated from Shanghai SecondMedicalUniversity in 1970 , is the president of Renji Hospitalaffiliatedto Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, thedean ofRenji College of Clinical Medicine, professor, chiefphysician andsupervisor of doctoral students of CardiothoracicSurgery. He isalso the council member of Chinese MedicalAssociation,vice-president of Shanghai Medical Association, andmember of CPPCCShanghai Committee. During 1997 to 2002, heserved as thepresident of Shanghai Second Medical University.Professor FanGuanrong is a famous cardiothoracic surgeon and haslong beenengaged in this area with a number of research papers and3 medicalbooks published at home and abroad to his credit.Throughout hiscareer, he has been deeply committed to

hospitaladministration. With his wisdom, innovation anddetermination, thehospital under his leadership has madesignificant achievements inrecent years. Professor Fan Guanrong isa pioneer in modernhospital operation and management with uniqueinsights. In 2002, heinitiated the Renji Medical ManagementCorporation which consistedof over 10 secondary hospitals inZhejiang, Jiangsu and Jiangxiprovinces with Renji Hospital as itscore, aiming to share Renji’ssuccessful experience in hospitalmanagement with other memberhospitals.

Deputy Director:

Qu Yi


1997-2000 Ph.D., Cardiology, School ofMedicine, Xi'anJiaotong University

1994-1997 M.Sc, Cardiology, Xi'anMedicalUniversity

1987-1992 B.S., Medicine, Xi'an Medical University,P.R.China


2003--Present Associate Professor,Department of Geriatrics, Renji Hospital, Shanghai Jiao TongUniversity

2000-2002 Attending Physician, Departmentof Geriatrics, Renji Hospital, Shanghai Second MedicalUniversity

1998-1999 Chief-resident Doctor,Department of Cardiology, First Affiliated Hospital, Xi'an MedicalUniversity

1992-1998 Resident, Department of Medicine,Second Affiliated Hospital, Xi'an MedicalUniversity


1. Made the model of ouabain andcorticotropin-induced hypertensiverat

2. The regulative factors of endogenous ouabain secretionfromcultured bovine adrenocortical cells (cell culture)

3. Distribution and modulation of ouabain immunoreactivity inthemammalian tissue (immunofluorescence, electronmicroscopicimmunocytochemistry)

4. Association between expression of the cytochrome P450 mRNAandendogenous ouabain secretion in ACTH-induced hypertensive rats(InSitu Hybridization and PCR)

5. Study on the quantity of expression of NeuropeptideY-Ylreceptors on the arterial wall during development andprogressionof hypertension, and the mechanism of NPY induced theproliferationof the cerebrovascular smooth muscle cells inSHR

6. Combination therapy with pravastatin and aspirin preventingtheprogression of atherosclerosis and restroke in theelderly

7. Effect of 5-LO/FLAP on target organ damaged in theoldhypertension

Main Publications:

1. Wei FT, Fang NY, Qu,Y. Experimental studyon the quantityof expression of Neuropeptide Y-Yl receptors on thearterial wallduring development and progression of hypertension.ShanghaiMedicine Journal. 2004;27(6):397-399

2. Qu Y. Cerebrovascular disease and neurologicmanifestationsof heart disease. Character of CardiovascularDiagnosis andManagement. Beijing: Science Technology Files Press.2005,P518-537

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5. Qu Y. The concept and strategy of hospice care. Ethic probleminelderly. In Practice in Geriatric Medicine. Shanghai: ShanghaiSci&Tech Press. 2006, P598-60, P609-615.

Office ofDirector:

Shao Li

Tel :86-21-68383542