The School of Stomatology

The College of Stomatology SJTU, formerly known as DentalSchoolof Zhendan University, was founded in 1932. Then inthenationwide restructuring of universities and colleges undertakenin1952, Faculty of Stomatology of Shanghai Second Medical School,oneof the first four faculties of stomatology after the foundationofP.R.C., was established and was renamed as College ofStomatologyShanghai Second Medical University in 1987. College ofStomatologyShanghai Jiao Tong University got its official name inOctober 2005with recombination and union of Shanghai Second MedicalUniversityinto Shanghai Jiao Tong University in July2007.

Moral education oriented and practice- and innovation-focused,theCollege of Stomatology is aimed to meet the needs ofsocialisticmodernization construction by fostering high-ranktalentsespecially in the field of dentistry with all-rounddevelopment andproficiency in both basic science and practicalskills. College ofStomatology will always persist in the CPCeducational policy andin the perspective to develop into the AsiaDental Center, Collegeof Stomatology has been doing everythingpossible to meet theincreasing requirements for medical and healthcare, to develop andcreate a teaching administrative patternadapting to socialistmarket economic system, and to further improvethe teachingquality. The College of Stomatology SJTU is makinggreat efforts toapproach the world cutting to the edge standard ofinstitutions ofhigher learning in the field of dentistry and tobuild itself intoa brand new institute with Chinese characteristicsand Shanghaifeatures, keeping pace with the times and possessingfirst-ratedisciplines, competitive talents and high academiclevel.

The College of Stomatology SJTU has now 6 Teaching andResearchSections (TRS) for clinical dentistry, 1 section for basicscienceand another one for Medical English. The 6 clinical TRSsarerespectively for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, OralMedicine,Prosthetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Pediatric DentistryandPreventive Dentistry. And the TRS for basic science is comprisedof7 subsections including Oral Physiology, Oral Anatomy,OralImmunology, Dental Pharmacology, Oral Biology, Oral Histology&Pathology and Dental Materials.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery discipline is defined asthe '211Project' Key Discipline, Shanghai Leading AcademicDiscipline,Elite Course of Shanghai Municipal EducationCommission,chief-editor unit for one of the national textbook Oral&Maxillofacial Surgery and chairman unit of Chinese Society ofOraland Maxillofacial Surgery(CSOMS), ChineseStomatologicalAssociation(CSA). In addition, Department of OralMedicine is oneof the first leading medical disciplines of Shanghaimunicipality,Department of Prosthetic Dentistry is key disciplineof School ofMedicine SJTU, Department of Oral & MaxillofacialSurgery isNational Elite Course Project, and Oral MucosalDiseases,Prosthetic Dentistry and Orthodontics are Elite CourseConstructionProject of College of Stomatology SJTU. College ofStomatology SJTUis equipped with 2 training bases respectively fordentistry andclinical medicine, 1 teaching laboratory and 1 medicalmulti-mediacourseware database.

Currently,the College of Stomatology SJTU has fouroutstandingstaff, professor Qiu Weiliu (Department of Oral andMaxillofacialSurgery) is Member (Academician) of Chinese Academy ofEngineeringand also -long (tenured) professor, professor Liu Zheng(Departmentof Oral Medicine) and professor Xue Miao(Department ofProsthodontics) are life-long (tenured) professors,professor ZhangZhiyuan (dean, specialized in oral and maxillofacialsurgery) isScience and Technology Elite of Shanghai Municipality.The collegehas 24 supervisors for Ph.D and M.D. candidates, 25supervisors formaster candidates, 31 clinical professors and 57associate clinicalprofessors.

Since the opening up to the outside world in 1979, theCollege ofStomatology SJTU has been receiving a great number ofcolleaguesfrom 39 countries or districts every year including thosefrom theU.S., Japan, France, Korea, U.K., Australia, Germany, HongKong,Macau and Taipei. Up till now, College of Stomatology SJTU hasbeenactively involved in the exchange and cooperation with13world-renowned universities and has established with themlong-termand friendly relationships. Among them are Osaka DentalUniversity,Dental School of Harvard University and Dental School ofUniversityof Marseille. In addition, College of Stomatology SJTUhassponsored large-scale international academic forumsandconferences. Now, College of Stomatology SJTU is enjoying ahigherand higher reputation both at home andabroad.

In 2001, the College of Stomatology SJTU, with theapproval ofhigher authorities, ceased to enroll 5-yearundergraduate studentsand began to enroll formally 7-year graduatestudents, the numberof which is now reaching 227.

Address:No. 18, Zhi ZaoJu Road 833, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

TEL:0086 21 53591154, FAX: 0086 2153591154

Postal Code:200011



Professor Zhang Zhiyuan

Professor Zhang Zhiyuan, born in 1951 at Wujiang City ofJiangsu province, graduated from the Stomatological College ofShanghai Second Medical University in 1975. He was awarded master'sdegree in 1986 and doctor's degree in 1991 under the supervision ofProfessor Qiu Weiliu, the famous oral and maxillofacial surgeon,academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. In 1995, hefurthered his study on oral and maxillofacial surgery and head andneck tumor surgery. In 1989, he was promoted to be associateclinical professor as an exception to the rule because of excellentachievements. In 1994, he was promoted to be professor and clinicalprofessor, and in 1996, he was appointed to be supervisor ofdoctorate postgraduates. In 1996, then in 1998 and again in 2001,hewas appointed to be dean of School of Stomatology, president of theNo.9 People's Hospital, director of Shanghai Institute ofStomatology, dean and academic leader of the Department of Oral andMaxillofacial Surgery—the Key Department of Shanghai Municipality,dean of the Key Laboratory of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery ofShanghai Municipality. Professor Zhang Zhiyuan is currentlyappraisal member of the Degree Committee of the State Council,standing council member of Chinese Stomatological Association(CSA);associate president of the Head and Neck Tumor Surgery under theChinese Anticancer Association; associate president of ChineseSociety of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; vice president ofStomatological Association under the Chinese Association ofPhysicians; standing council member of Shanghai Medical Societyunder the Chinese Medical Association; president of ShanghaiStomatological Association; president of Stomatological BiomedicalEngineering Science, under the Shanghai Biomedical Society; vicepresident of National Agency for Prevention and Treatment of DentalDiseases; appraisal member of Shanghai Municipal High TechnicalPost and dean of Stomatological Division; member of PropositionCommittee of National Physician Qualification. Professor ZhangZhiyuan has acquired many editorships including editor-in-chief ofShanghai Journal of Stomatology, vice editor-in-chief of ChineseJournal of Stomatology, vice editor-in-chief of Chinese Journal ofOral and Maxillofacial Surgery, China Journal of Oral andMaxillofacial Surgery, Archives of Chinese Stomatology, andBulletin of Chinese Stomatology, and editorial member or invitededitorial member of several professional journals on stomatology.He is also the chief compiler of the nationally recommendedtextbook of Stomatology (the 5th and 6th editions)for5-year-program medical students. In addition, he has beenawarded fellow of the International College of Dentist (FICD);honorary fellow of the College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong;honorary visiting professor of Osaka Dental University, Japan;member of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR)and honorary consultant of Macao Society of Surgery. ProfessorZhang Zhiyuan is specialized in diagnosis and treatment of oral& maxillofacia land head & neck neoplasm, in particular forcraniomaxill of acialresection of advanced tumors involving theskull base, and surgical treatment of oral and maxillofacialhemangiomas. He has published more than 140 research papers, beingthe first author in more than40. He has published 5 monographs asthe chief compiler, 14 books as vice chief compiler or contributor.He has acquired 12 national or ministerial grants including 1 fromthe National 863 Project, 5from the National Natural ScienceFoundation, and 1 from the Ministry of Public Health. He has beenawarded 1 Third Prize for Science and Technology Progress from theMinistry of Public Health,1 Third Prize for Science and TechnologyProgress from the Ministry of Education, 1 Third Prize for Scienceand Technology Progress from the Chinese Medical Association,Second and Third Prizes for Science and Technology Progress fromShanghai Municipality, Second Prize for Science and TechnologyProgress from Shanghai Bureau of Public Health. So far, he hassupervised 19 doctorate postgraduates. In 1991, he was awardedExcellent Doctorate Postgraduate of Shanghai Municipality. In 1992,he was awarded Excellent Young Doctor of Shanghai Municipality andin 2002, he was awarded Outstanding Young Expert by the Ministry ofPublic Health and enjoys the Special Government Allowance issued bythe State Council.

Deputy Director:

Professor Zhang Jianzhong

Department of Prosthodontics

College of Stomatology, Shanghai Jiao TongUniversity

Vice Dean, College of Stomatology


1992-1994 Doctor, Osaka University FacultyofDentistry.

1988-1989 Guest lecturer, Tokyo Medical and DentalUniversityFaculty of Dentistry

1977-1980 Bachelor, Shanghai Second Medical University Schoolof Stomatology

Work Experience:

2005- Clinical Professor College ofStomatology,Shanghai Jiao TongUniversity

1999-2005 Clinical Professor School of Stomatology,Shanghai Second MedicalUniversity

1994-1999 Associate clinical professor School ofStomatology, ShanghaiSecond Medical


1989-1994 Clinical Lecturer School of Stomatology,Shanghai SecondMedical University

1980-1988 Clinical Assistant School of Stomatology, ShanghaiSecond Medical University


Professor Feng XiPing

Department of Preventive Dentistry, School of Stomatology, ShanghaiJiao Tong University

Vice Dean, School of Stomatology

Vice Director, Shanghai Research Institute of Stomatology

Vice Director, The Committee of Preventive Dentistry,ChineseStomatological Association


2000- Doctor, Shanghai Second Medical UniversitySchoolof Stomatology

1983-1985 Master, Shanghai Second Medical University SchoolofStomatology

1978-1982 Bachelor, Shanghai Second Medical University FacultyofStomatology

Work Experience:

2005- Professor, School of Stomatology,Shanghai JiaoTongUniversity

1997-2005 ProfessoSchool of Stomatology, Shanghai SecondMedicalUniversity

1993-1997 Associate professo School of Stomatology,ShanghaiSecond Medical University

1988-1992 Lecturer and doctor in charge School ofStomatology,Shanghai Second Medical University

1986-1987 Resident School of Stomatology, Shanghai SecondMedicalUniversity


Professor Zheng Jiawei

Dr.Zheng Jiawei, born in May 1964 with a birthplace beingBoshan county, Zibo city, Shandong province. He is currently ViceDean,Professor of College of Stomatology, No.9 People’sHospital,Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, directorof Editorial Department of Shanghai Journal of Stomatology, andChina Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, also dean ofTeaching Department of Medical English, supervisor for Masterdegree and Doctorate degree postgraduates. He graduated fromShanghai Second Medical University in July 1999 with Doctoratedegree on Oral and Maxillofacil Surgery under the supervision ofProfessor Qiu Weiliu, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineers.He is majoring in intervention and research of oral andmaxillofacial hemangiomas and vascular anomalies. Dr.Zheng Jiaweihad authored and co-authored 126 peer reviewed papers since 1986both nationally and internationally. Among them,32 were citedby SCI, 64 were included in IM and MEDLINE. He had published2 monographs as co editor-in-chief, one book asassociateeditor-in-chief, and 4 books as chapter writer. He was awarded1 Prize for Science and Technology Advancementnationally and 2municipally. He is now conducting 2 researches granted by theNational Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSFC). Dr.ZhengJiawei is now Fellow of International Association of Oral andMaxillofacial Surgeons(IAOMS), Active Member of ISSVA, Fellowshipof International College of Dentists(ICD)(since 2007), Member ofChinese Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (CSOMS),Chinese Stomatological Association (CSA), fellow and secretary ofDivision of Vascular Anomalies, CSOMS, CSA. He is also a member ofthe editorial board of Asian Journal of Oral andMaxillofacial Surgery (since 2001), Reviewer of Laryngoscope(since 2006),Oral Oncology (since 2007) , Head and Neck(since 2007),Executive Editor-in-Chief of China Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (since 2002), Executive Editor-in-Chief of Shanghai Journal of Stomatology indexed by IMand MEDLINE(since 1999), editorial member of Journal of Oraland Maxillofacial Surgery published by Tongji University inChinese(since 1991), Editorial Member of Abroad Medicine onStomatology(since 2002), Member of National Proposition Committeefor Qualification of Resident and Attending Doctors, and GrantReviewer of National Natural Science Foundation(NNSF).

Office ofDirector:

Professor Xu yuanjin