Clinical Department at Xinhua Hospital

Xinhua College of Clinical Medicine, Shanghai Jiao TongUniversity School of Medicine is originally Shanghai Second MedicalCollege Pediatric Medical School and Xinhua Clinical MedicalSchool. Shanghai Second Medical College Pediatric faculty wasestablished in 1955 and moved to Xinhua Hospital in 1958. Then, in1988, the specialty of clinical medicine was added. The Pediatricfaculty was replaced by Pediatric Medical School and XinhuaClinical Medical School of Shanghai Second Medical University in1994 because of the regime switching. It has been named as XinhuaCollege of Clinical Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Schoolof Medicine since it merged with Shanghai Jiao Tong University inJuly, 2005.

Xinhua College of Clinical Medicine is located within XinhuaHospital of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. Ithas sixteen teaching and research sections, four teaching basesincluding Shanghai Children’s Hospital, Shanghai Mental HealthCenter, infectious disease department of Ruijin Hospital andJiangPu Community Sanitation Service Center. The school offerseducation to clinical medical students from eight(PediatricCourse),seven and five year programme respectively. Also it offersthe adult education of associate-to-bachelor's degree course ofclinical medicine. Every year, the school not only educates450students itself but also accepts clinical practice students fromother provinces such as students of anesthesia specialty fromXuZhou Medical College, students of laboratory medicine both fromJiang Su University and Wen Zhou Medical College, students ofclinical medicine (pediatric class) from Su ZhouUniversity.

Xinhua Clinical Medical School has a long teaching historyespecially on pediatric teaching with strong teaching team rich inteaching experience of clinical medicine. Now the school takes inboth the “Bilingual teaching” with original material and PBLteaching on Pediatric Course to clinical medical students fromthe8-year programme.

Xinhua College of Clinical Medicine possesses advanced teachingfacilities:

(1) Computer-Assisted classroom: one intelligent multi-useclassroom with 70 seats (combine electronic reading room, phoneticsclassroom, multi-media classroom and intelligent record andbroadcasting system as one, every seat matching with acomputer).

(2)Clinical practice training center: 3 classrooms with more than50pieces of clinical simulate teaching facilities which can be notonly used in clinical simulation training and examination of eachlength of school year students but also used in clinical skilltraining for the clinical departments of the hospital.

(3)Real-time operation relay system: a set of advanced real-timeoperation relay system covering 10 floors of the surgeon buildingcan carry out clinical real-time operation teaching for theclinical doctors and the interns of surgeon department and otherteaching and research sections.

Address:1665, Kongjiang Road, Shanghai,P.R.China


Chen Minyi

Chen Minyi, female, born in May 1954, chief physician,tutor forpostgraduate students, executive vice-dean of Xin HuaCollege ofClinical Medicine


1977~1980: Studied at Pediatric Faculty of Shanghai SecondMedicalCollege

1994~1997: Pediatric postgraduate study at Shanghai SecondMedicalCollege


1980.1~1989.4: Resident in Pediatric Department, Xin HuaHospital

1989.4~1998.11: Attending physician in Pediatric Department, XinHuaHospital

1998.11~2004.12: Associate chief physician in PediatricDepartment,Xin Hua Hospital

2004.12~present: Chief physician, in Pediatric Department, XinHuaHospital


1993.6~2004.3: Scientific Research and Education Department, XinHuaHospital

1995.7~1999.11:Vice-director of Scientifice Research andEducationDepartment, Xin Hua Hospital

1999.11~2004.3: Director of Scientific Research andEducationDepartment, Xin Hua Hospital

2003.10~present: Vice-dean of Xin Hua College of ClinicalMedicine

Office ofDirector:

Xu Xiaoxing

Tel: 86-21-65798476