Clinical Department at First People’s Hospital

Yiyuan College of Clinical Medicine is settled inNo.1People's Hospital affiliatedto Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversitySchool of Medicine. ThroughChina's reform and opening-up policy,ithas adhered to the principleof

"Absorbing the best for thePursuit of FutureExcellence" and has developedrapidly. Backed bythe General Hospital’s history of morethan a hundred years, ithasenjoyed powerful teaching resources with35 teachingdepartments.

Shanghai No.1 People's Hospital, was founded in1864,originally known as GongjiHospital (a missionary hospital). In1992, it came outsuccessfully as "Hospital of Grade A attheTertiary Level"in the national assessment and checkup of thestandards of hospitalsand has ranked as a leadingcomprehensivehospital in the city of Shanghai thatintegrates clinicalperformance,medical teaching, scientific researchand prophylaxis.

On Oct.26th 2006, the newly-built southern section of thehospitalon a modern scale was put intouse. The northern sectionof the hospital occupies an area of 28,075 square meters withanconstruction area of 73,820.7square meters and landscaped area of4,211.25 square meters(15%). In comparison, the southernsectionof the hospital occupies an area of 268,179 square meters with aconstructionarea of 122,393 square meters andlandscaped area of130,066.8 square meters (48%). The scienceand education center,located in thesouthern section of the hospital, is an ellipticcone structure. The whole building is50.8 meters high, andoccupies anarea of 2,519 square meters, and the floor space fortheeight-story building reaches 7,556square meters. The centercan adequately accommodate large-scale conferences,academicseminars, and variousteaching activities. With its multi-purposeconference hall,it’s now the biggestmulti-functional medicaltechnological andpedigogical center in Shanghai.

The hospital is staffed with a large number of medicalexperts whoenjoy good reputation both athome and abroad; amongthem are Zhang Jingren, Tang Xiaoda, Zhang Xi, Peng Zhihai, Xu Xunandothers. The hospital has 35 clinical departments, 8technological departments formedical use, 7 medical andclinicalcenters (organ transplant, vision reinstate, heartdiseases,minimal invasion, gynecology,obstetrics and pediatrics, traumafirst aid, digestivediseases).

The hospital has 2,616 employees, including 844 doctors,among whom461 hold senior titles. Thenumber of beds is 1,580.

The hospital has 27 stations for master students,21stations for Ph.D.

students, 21 post-doctoral mobile stations, 76master'stutors and 30

Ph.D. tutors. Currently,the hospital's president isLiu Guohua, with XiaShujie serving as his deputy and Zhou Xu as director oftheadministrative office.

Address : 85 Wujin Road ,HongkouDistrict/650 Songjiang Road,SongjiangDistrict Shanghai,People'sRepublic of China



Liu Guohua

Date ofbirth: Nov. 21, 1949

Place of birth: Shanghai, China

Marital status: married

Specialization and Diploma

1976 Pediatric Surgen

1986 Master degree conferred by Shanghai Second MedicalUniversity

1987 Specialist in pediatric urology


1983-1986 Postgraduate training

Shanghai Second Medical University

1992-1993 Visiting scholar and researchfellow

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia,University of Pennsylvania.USA

Work experiences:

1976 - Residency training inpediaricsurgery,Xinhua Hospital

1982 - Attending surgeon, pediatric surgenandurologist,XinhuaHospital

1987 - Head of Pediatric Urology Department,pediaric urologist.Xinhua Hospital

1991 – 1996 Assistant professor, pediaricurologist,XinhuaHospital

1996 – 1998 Vice director of Xinhua Hospital

1998-2000 Professor. President of Xinhua Hospital

2000 - 2006 Deputy Director of Shanghai HealthBureau

2006 - President of Shanghai No.1 People’sHospital


1) ZHU Ying-jian ,LU Mu-jun ,LIUGuo-hua(Corresponding author),LIUWei,CAO Yi-lin. Bladder tissueengineering with acellular scaffold.Chin J Pediatr Surg. 2008,29(3),163-166. 2)ZHU Ying-jian ,LU Mu-jun ,LIU Guo-hua(Correspondingauthor),QIJuan, LIU Wei,CAOYi-lin. A study of repairing rabbiturethral defect usingthe submucosal layer from porcinesmallintestine. J Clin Pediatr. 2009,27(2):172-175.

Deputy Director:

Xia Shujie

Professor Xia Shujie M.D, PhD is the ProfessorandClinical Director, of the Urological Department at ShanghaiNo.1People’s Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao TongUniversitySchool of Medicine. He is Professor and Chairman of theShanghaiJiao Tong University Institute of Urology. He is ProfessorandVice-president of the Yiyuan College of Clinical Medicine,ShanghaiJiao Tong University School of Medicine. He is ProfessorandSupervisor for postdoctoral research fellow and PhD/MD student.Heis Professor and Director, Department of Minimally InvasiveSurgeryand Visiting Professor, Department of Surgery,NamingUniversity,Visiting Professor Department of Urology,ShangdongUniversity. He has been the Vice Chairman of ShanghaiSociety forUrology Association and the Vice Chairman of ShanghaiSociety forLaser Association since 2003.He was elected committeemember ofChinese Urological Association since 2006, and wasalsoelected member of International Urology Society since1996.Heis the Reviewer, for NNC grant application from 2004,Reviewer forShanghai Health Bureau grant application from 2002. Heis the most experienced prostate surgeon in China.ProfessorXia was

awarded by WU Jie Ping Urological Medical Awardin 2002,which has been

known as the highest honor for ChineseUrologist. He haspresided over

three National Natural ScienceFoundation topics andauthored 4 national

patents. Professor Xia is Deputy editor-in-chief ofNational MedicalJournal of China,and referee of more than 20 domestic andinternationaljournals such as Aian Journal ofAndrology, CurrentUrology, and Journal of Urology. He has published 176scientificpublications, editor-in-chief of 6 books and co-editor for22books.

Office of Director :

Xu Zhou

Tel : 86-21-63240090*6214