School of Basic Medicine

College of Basic Medicine is the base for basic medicaleducationin teaching, research and teacher training. At present,there are 18 departments. Besides, there are several other-researchbases under its administration, i.e. Biomedical Engineering Dept.,Pharmaceutical Dept., WHO’sImmunogenetics and ImmunopathologyCooperative Center, Shanghai Immunology Institute, ShanghaiBio-medical Engineer ingInstitute, Shanghai Reproductive MedicineResearch and Training Center, Gene Therapy Center of SJTUSM, DrugResearchInstitute of SJTUSM, Basic Medicine Research Center ofSJTUSM. Up to June 2008, the number of staff is 355,including 103professors and associate professors. The college has an enrollmentof 2,025 full-time students,including 1,830 students forundergraduate programs, 70 for master’s degree, and 125 fordoctoral degree.



Teaching and ResearchSections





Chen Guoqiang




Yi Jing

Yi Jing, M.D., PhD., deputy dean in College of BasicMedicine,professor of cell biology. Completed her PhD. training in1993, majoring in histology and cell biology, Dr. Yiworked abroadas a post-doctorial fellow in INSERM Unite 28, France in 1993-1994,and senior visiting scholarin University of Illinois at Chicago,USA in 2001-2002. She has involved in teaching for a long time,offeringcourses like“Medical Cell Biology”, “Techniques in CellBiology” to medical students and graduatestudents, and also RBLprograms to medical students. Her research interests evolve fromcell ultrastructure,cytochemistry, to apoptosis and cell signaling.Her research results are published on the journals such asCancerResearch, Neoplasia, Free Radical Biology and Medicine, CellResearch, etc.