Renji Hospital

Renji Hospital, Founded in 1844, is a municipal tertiary hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine. Composed of the eastern and the western parts, the hospital covers an area of over 94,000 m2 with a floor area of nearly 150,000 m2. The southern part of the hospital is under construction at present which covers an area of 70,999 m2 with a floor area of nearly 90,000 m2. The hospital is now equipped with over 1,600 beds in service and staffed with more than 2,700 employees including around 450 medical experts with senior or deputy senior professional titles. The hospital consists of 42 clinical and technology departments, and is well equipped with a large number of advanced medical facilities such as MRI, MSCT, PET-CT, DSA and SPECT. The hospital provides more than 2 million person-time out-patient and emergency service, receives over 60,000 person-time in-patients and performs around 30,000 operations each year.


Over the years, Renji has made great achievements in developing discipline, academic leaders, research and teaching. There are several state-level key departments, key labs of the Ministry of Health, key subjects to the ‘‘211 Project’’ and many city-level. key subjects and labs. Hundreds of state-level and city-level research program have been developed in recent years including “973” project, “863” project and National Natural Science Foundation, as well as many  state-level  science and technology awards. New academic leaders emerge every year, such as “Outstanding Contributing young and middle-aged experts of Ministry of Health”, “ChangJiang Scholors” and “Shanghai Outstanding Academic Leader”.


The hospital has been engaged vigorously in international activities with foreign medical industries. It has conducted academic exchange and professional cooperation with more than 20 medical colleges from over 10 countries and regions such as USA, France and Japan. The hospital sends abroad hundreds of staff and receives as many foreign medical specialists every year.


As a teaching hospital affiliated to Shanghai JiaoTong University, School of medicine, Renji Clinical Medical College has 18 teaching and research sections and has fostered over 5,000 medical students during the past few decades. Nowadays, the college has around 30 doctoral tutors in 13 Ph.D. granting programs and over 100 master tutors in 21 master degree granting programs.


Renji Hospital was the first municipal hospital to be granted with ISO9001 standardization certificate in Shanghai. The hospital established the Renji Medical Management Corporation to yield its experience. In 2002, the hospital set up Quankang Medical Center to provide high quality service for foreigners. The hospital has a high reputation in satisfying people’s medical needs.


Entering the 21st century, Renji staff will continue to devote themselves to improve people’s health and create a brighter future for the hospital.


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Address: 1630 Dongfang Road, Shanghai