Clinical Departments at Ruijin Hospital

Department of Infectious Diseases
Clinical Feature:
1. Early diagnosis and management of liver failure
2. Antiviral therapy of chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C
3. Management of refractory hepatitis C
4. Detection and management of oral anti-HBV drug resistance
5.Management of fever with unknown cause

Director: Xie Qing
Medical Special:
1.Early diagnosis and management of liver failure of refractory hepatitis C
3.Management of febrile infectious diseases
Tel: 86-21-64370045*360403

Departmentof of Respiratory Medicine
Clinical Feature: The Department of Respiratory Medicine, Ruijin Hospital, enjoys a history of 56 years since it was founded in 1952. Under the leadership of famous experts such as Prof. Deng Weiwu, Prof.Huang Shaoguang and the current director, the department has developed rapidly and has gained a national reputation. Now, It also runs the diagnsois and treatment center for chronic airway disease of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. The department assumes a nationwide leading position in terms of equipment, personnel ability and clinical practice, which is attributable to the hard work of all the staff. The ward building, with a total area of about 8000 square meters, holds 88 inpatient beds. Besides, it also manages an out-patient clinic, an emergency sector, a pulmonary function room and 5 related consultation centers. Twenty-eight physicians work for the department, 5 of whom are professors and 7 are associate professors. There are 3 tutors for doctorate students and 4 for master students. Among the staff, 30% hold doctor's degree, and 50% hold master's degree.The Consultation Center for Difficult Pulmonary Diseases has developed into a center of distinctive characteristics  with a 30-year history. When the weekly consultation is held, experts from the Departments of Respiratory Medicine, Thoracic Surgery and Radiography work together to discuss clinical cases,make diagnosis and decide on therapeutic protocols. The Interventional Diagnosis and Therapy Center for Thoracic Diseases performs many new techniques in diagnosis and interventional therapy such as fibrobronchoscopic examination under anaesthesia, stent implant, airway ballon dilation and thoracoscopy.The fibrobronchoscopic examination center has become the training base of the Ministry of Health. The Sleep Apneic Disorder Study Center has employed self-designed diagnostic instruments and modern monitoring and treatment devices to treat more than 10 000 cases. The Diagnosis and Therapy Center for Chronic Airway Diseases and Immunity Disorder carries out standard specific immunotherapy,which has helped many patients to live a longer life with improved quality. The Respiratory Intensive Care Unit has been playing a leading role nationwide in the treatment of ARDS, COPD, respiratory failure, severe asthma attack and overlap syndrome. Much experience in noninvasive ventilation therapy has been accumulated. Besides, 5 polyclinics for specific diseases such as sleep apneic disorder, pulmonary tuberculosis, asthma, COPD and lung cancer have been set up.

Director: Professor Wan Huanying
Medical Special: Prof. Wan is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of asthma, lung cancer, COPD,sleep apneic disorder and rescue of critically ill patients. Prof. Wan has undertaken, as project manager,several  programs under the tenth and eleventh Five-Year Technology Key Project and research projects supported by Shanghai Science and Technology Committee and Chinese Medical Association.

Department of General Surgery
Clinical Feature: Micro-invasive surgery,liver transplantation,hepato-bilio-pancreatic surgery,gastroenterology surgery,retroperitoneum tumor

Director:Peng Chenghong
Medical Special: Radical resection of pancreatic cancer, radical resection of bile duct carcinoma and liver transplantation
Tel: 86-21-64370045*360509

Department of Neurology
Clinical Feature: Diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders

Director: Chen Shengdi
Medical Special:
1.Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders
2.Cognitive dysfunction-related disorders
3.Cerebrovascular disease and migraine
4.Multiple sclerosis and other cerebral demyelinated disorders
5.Epilepsy and neuromuscular diseases                                                                
Tel: 86-21-64454473

Department of Cardiac Syrgery
Clinical Feature: Coronary artery surgery, heart valve surgery, congenital heart disease surgery, aorta and arch surgery, surgical ablation of arrhythmias, robotic heart surgery, surgery for heart failure

Director: Zhao Qiang
Medical Special: Off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting, heart valve repair and replacement, surgery for aortic aneurysm and dissection, ablation of atrial fibrillation, robotic coronary and valve surgery, VAD and heart transplantation, gene and cell therapy
Tel: 86-21-64671787, 86-21-64370045*666961

Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery
Clinical Feature: As the first specialized burns unit in China, Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery of Ruijin Hospital was originally founded in 1958, when coordinated effort was made to save Qiu Caikang who  sustained burns affecting more than 80% total body surface area (TBSA) and more than 23% of full thickness burns.  Ever since then, burn specialists and researchers have enjoyed an international reputation for leadership in research, care and rehabilitation of burn patients. Prof. Shi Jixiang, the founder of the Department and a pioneer of Chinese Burn Medicine, won multiple international and domestic prizes such as Evens Prize, Vitc International Burn Prize of Italy, He Liang He Li Fund Prize of Progress in Science and Technology and 2nd Class State Prize of Progress in Science and Technology.
The Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery serves patients in Shanghai and from many surrounding provinces, including Zhengjiang, Jiangsu, Anhui and Jiangxi Provinces.  The Department is equipped to treat burn patients of different ages, from children to the elderly, with a full range of specialized services, including the dedicated burn admission department, operating rooms, and an outpatient department.It has 26 Intensive Care beds and a 54-bed Step-down Unit for less critically injured patients. Based on the advanced technologies and facilities, a dedicated staff and good teamwork, the Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery provides the best and most progressive care to 900~1000 inpatients with burns of varying sizes and 48,000 outpatients annually.
The Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery has established a “Ruijin fluid resuscitation formula”, created intermingled skin transplantation method known as “Chinese method”, and initiated and perfected the application of lytic cocktail on burn patients in shock stage which decreased stress response after severe burns. Since its establishment, the Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery has accumulated considerable experience in diagnosis and treatment of complex and severe burns, non-thermal injury including electrical injury and chemical burns, intricate complications after severe burns, as well as prevention and treatment of hypertrophic scar.  Progress in clinical and basic researches which have been achieved by both the Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery and Shanghai  Institute of Burns, endows the experts with plentiful resources and new approaches in the treatment of extensive burns, management of different types of wounds, monitoring and treatment of burn infection, management and reconstruction of contractural deformities etc.

Director: Huan Jingning
Medical Special: Optimal medical and surgical treatment and rehabilitation for burn patients with any sized espercilly extensive burns; reconstructive surgery; and treatment of other major wounds such as traumatic wounds and chronic wounds
Tel: 64374116