Shanghai Key Laboratoryof Pancreatic Diseases

Shanghai Key Laboratory of pancreatic disease wasestablished in 2005.It is and located at Shanghai JiaotongUniversity Affiliated First People’s Hspital. The task of ourlaboratory is to faciliate innovative reasearch into the biologyand therapeutical method of pancreatic cancer and pancreatitis. Thecurrent director of laboratory is Professor Wang liwei, who is alsothe executive officer and chief physician of medical oncologydepartment, shanghai NO1 people’s hospital. The laboratorycurrently has 25 faculty and staffs, including 12 seniorresearchers. Meanwhile, the laboratory is well equipped with 5pieces of instruments valued more than 100 thousand yuan. Themainstream task of key laboratory has been focused on two kinds ofdisease : (1) pancreatic cancer : To investigate the epidemiology,early diagnosis and prevention of pancreatic cancer by basic cancerresearch and translational research. To identify biomarkers forpancreatic cancer early diagnosis, therapeutical efficiency andprognosis. To develop novel and specific cancer therapies,including both individualized treatment and molecular targettherapy approaches. (2) pancreatitis: to explore the molecularmechanism involved in the acute necrotizing pancreatitis,especially to elucidate the function of Inflammatory mediatorsinvolved in the disease. To Optimize the procedure of clinicaltreatment of acute necrotizing pancreatitis. In the recent years,Shanghai Key Laboratory of pancreatic disease won more than 10research grants supported by Science and Technology Commission ofShanghai Municipality or national science and technology Supportplan.


No.100 Haining Rd,hongkou district


Wang Xingpeng




1982. 9--1987. 8 Studied at Nanjing University ofMedical Science and got a Bechelor degree in medicine

1990. 9--1992. 8 Studied at Shanghai Second MedicalUniversity, Ruijin Hospital and got Master degree inGastroenterology

1992. 9—1995. 8 Studied at Shanghai Second MedicalUniversity, Ruijin Hospital and got Doctoral degree inGastroenterology

1996.6—1997. 10 Worked at the Department of Gastroenterologyin the University of Ulm as Humboldt Fellow inGermany


pancreaticcancer, pancreatitis


The YoungInvestigator Award, 11th Asia Pacific Congress of Gastroenterology,2000, Hongkong

Shanghai Sec & Tech Progress Award, 2000 2008

The Fifteen Best Young Doctors in Shanghai Award, 2001


Seventy-eightoriginal papers, twenty abstracts, and ten book chapters have beenpublished in some leading journals of gastroenterology in China andboard, such as Chinese Journal of Digestion, Chinese Journal ofInternal medicine, Journal of Gastroenterology &hepatology(Australia), Gastroenterology(USA), and Pancreas(USA). Asan Editor in-chief, I have published three books, includingAdvanced Course of Gastroenterology, New technology & Theory inPancreatology, and Pancreatic Diseases.