Shanghai Key Laboratoryof Fundus Diseases

Shanghai key laboratory of ocular fundus diseases,which is subsidiary of Shanghai Jiaotong University affiliated TheFirst People's Hospital was established in 1998. Professor ZhaoDongsheng,the funder of the laboratory enjoy the reputation of“oriental eye”.The key lab is under advanced management andwell-equipped,including molecular biology laboratory, microsurgerylaboratory, cytobiology laboratory and protein laboratory with thedevelopment of department of ophthalmology of the hospital.It alsohas a group of experts specialized in molecular and cytobiologicaltechniques and morphological and functional techniques of basic andclinical reseaches of ocular fundus diseases.The key lab is acomprehensive ophthalmic foundation which cover clinics,instructionand scientific research.In the past 20 years,the lab has achievedgreat success in the field of retinal detachment and diabeticretinopathy. More than 30 provincial and municipal researchescontaining national "Eleventh Five-Year" plan and National NaturalScience Foundation are presided and the funding is up to sevenmillion. The Research achievements were awarded more than 10 awardssuch as the National Science and Technology Award and ChineseMedical Technology Award.Hundreds of thesis were published inauthoritative journals,more than 30 of which were included inSCI.


Haining Road 100, Shanghai, China






Graduate fromPeking Union Medical Uniwersity College(PUMC) in 1988, and TheChina Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine in1992, and ShanghaiInstitute of physiology of Chinese Academy of Sciences in1994 as a post-doctor.


Study on themechanism and clinical diagnosis and treatment in the retinal andmacular diseases.


1.Project“Study on the local electroretinogram in Age-related maculardegeneration win Everlyn K. Nickels Prize at The Association forresearch in Vision and Ophthalmology(ARVO)in 1997.

2. Project“Exploitation and application on new technique ofelectroretinogram in retinal and macular diseases with diagnosisand treatment of integrated traditional and western medicine winthe Prize of Science and Technology of China Society of IntegratedTraditional and Western Medicine in 2005.


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