Shanghai Key Laboratoryof Stomatology

Shanghai Key Laboratory of Stomatology was founded in2003, which has became one of the most famous basic and clinicalresearch institutes of stomatology in China now. Shanghai KeyLaboratory of Stomatology consists of three sub-units, namely, labof oral oncology & biology, lab of oral microbiology and lab oforal biomaterial & tissue engineering. Professor Zhang Zhi-yuanis the director of the key lab. Professor Chen Wan-tao is theexecutive vice director.To date, there are 34 staffs (among them,26 professors or associate professors) working in the key lab. Asone of the founders of Chinese oral and maxillofacial surgery,professor Qiu Wei-liu( Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering)is the chairman of the academic committee of the key lab.Since its establishment, a lot of research achievements have beenacquired. Two research projects supported by Key Projects ofNational Natural Science Foundations of China(NSFC) and 19 items ofNSFCs have been carrying out in this lab since 2006. 65 paperscited by SCI supported by Shanghai Key Laboratory ofStomatology have been published since 2006. 9 provincial andnational prizes have been awarded to the reserachers of the lab.Several international conferences have been hosted by the key lab.Nearly 100 graduate students have been graduated from the lab since2006. Up to now, the lab has established sister-relationship withmore than 10 academic institutes around the world. A lot of famousexperts are awarded honorary professors or guest professors of ourlab.Professor Mao Li was awarded Chang Jiang Chair Professor in2008.


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Zhang Zhiyuan




ProfessorZhang Zhi-yuan was graduated from Faculty of Stomatology, ShanghaiSecond Medical University in 1975. He was awarded Master degree in1986 and MD degree in 1991. He furthered his study on oral andmaxillofacial surgery and head and neck tumor surgery in Tokyodental university, Japan, Nov-Dec 1992 and in Mount Sinai MedicalCentre, New York State University, America.


ProfessorZhang is specialized in diagnosis and treatment of oral &maxillofacial and head & neck neoplasm, in particular forcranio-maxillofacial resection of advanced tumors involving theskull base, carotid graft with carotid artery involvement andmanagement of oral and maxillofacial hemangiomas and vascularmalformations. He is also specialized in surgical treatment andfunctional reconstruction for advanced tumors of oral &maxillofacial region involving the skull base, carotid artery andlarynx, basic and clinical study for hemangioma and vascularmalformation of oral & maxillofacial region, the relationbetween human papillomaviral infection and oral squamous cellcarcinoma, basic and applied study for bone tissue regeneration oforal & maxillofacial region.


He has beenawarded 1 Second Prize for Science and Technology Advancement fromthe government, 1 First, 1 Second and 2 Third Prizes for Scienceand Technology Advancement from Shanghai Municipality. He has beenawarded 1 Second Prize and 1 Third Prize for Science and TechnologyAdvancement from the Ministry of Health, 2 Second Prizes forScience and Technology Advancement from the Ministry of Educationand other four Prizes. The course of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgerydominated by him won the National Excellent Course in the year of2006. In 2002, he was awarded Outstanding Young Expert from theMinistry of Health. In 2004 and 2005, he was awarded OutstandingHospital President and the Pioneer in Shanghai. He was also awardedShanghai “Ten Excellent” Medical Ethics Prize and Elite of Scienceand Technology from the Shanghai Municipality in 2006 and2007.


He haspublished 186 scientific papers, 17 of them are cited by theScientific Citation Index as the first or the corresponding author.He has published 8 monographs as Editor-in-Chief or ViceEditor-in-Chief, one English book and 5 Chinese books as chapterwriter.