Shanghai Key Laboratoryof Vascular Biology

The Shanghai Key Laboratory of Vascular Biology wasestablished in the year 1999. It locates in the science building atRuijin Hospital with advanced equipments and excellent researchers.The laboratory was designed to investigate the mechanisms forvascular adventitial remodeling in hypertension and the genedefects related to cardiovascular disease.

Main recent research directions of the lab are (1) to detect andidentify the early biomarkers for cardiovascular disease; (2)research on pathophysiology and molecular mechanisms forcardiovascular remodeling; (3) detect the new pharmic target forcardiovascular diseases.

Current research activities consist of (1) establishment andapplication of the genetic data bank related to hypertension withover 15000 genetic samples; (2) genome wide linkage analysis andgenome wide association for essential hypertension in Chinesepopulation; (3) evaluation of vascular adventitial structure andfunction induced by TGF1 and angiotensin II in vascular injury;(4) screening and discovery of new biomarkers in vascular injuryMechanisms for vascular remodeling in hypertension; (5) research oncardiovascular stem cells. The lab is currently in receipt of thegrants from the National Key Development Program on Basic Research,Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and National ScientificFunding Category and Shanghai Commission of Science and Technologyand is cooperated with other groups in France, United States,Canada and Hongkong.


197 Ruijin 2nd Road, Shanghai


Gao Pingjin




Dr Gao wasawarded her Doctor of Medicine in 1986 and Doctor of Philosophy in1994 from Shanghai Second Medical University (Former ShanghaiJiaotong University School of Medicine). As the major researcher,she came to Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS,Paris, France) in 1995 and 1999 for the cooperation program onhypertension.


Vascularbiology and Hypertension genetic study


2003, TheSecond Prize of Shanghai Medicine Award

2004, The Second Prize of Shanghai Scientific TechnologyProgress

2004, The First Prize of Chinese Medical Award

2008, The Third Prize of Shanghai Scientific TechnologyProgress


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