Shanghai Key Laboratoryof Tissue Engineering

Shanghai Key Laboratory of Tissue Engineering was foundedin 1997. It reposes in Shanghai 9th People’s Hospital. Shanghai KeyLaboratory of Tissue Engineering is major in the basic researchsuch as the establishment and differentiation of the embryo andhol-stem cells, the discussion of the internal environmentmechanism of the stem cells, and the study of the affection and themechanism of biomechanics in tissue formation.

The chief director of the center is Prof. Yilin Cao, and the wholecenter has 8 principal investigators, more than 10 staffs andnearly 50 postgraduates. The study of the centre is involved in theresearch of the stem cells, the construction of thetissue-engineered bone, cartilage, tendon, skin and blood vessel,the repair of the tissue defects, bioreactor worked in vivo andvitro of the construction of the tissue-engineered tissue, and theresearch of the degradable materials. The centre possesses thelarge GMP area for cells culture, molecular biology lab,cytobiology lab, histology lab, and the area for animal breeding,in which the varies of animal experiments, like naked mouse, rat,rabbit, dog, sheep and pig are made. Center also owns some hardwareequipments such as Micro CT, Altra HyperSort System, LaserRadiation, PixTMLCM, Immune Flsorescence Microscope,Ultracentrifuge, SupersSpeed centrifuge, Thermocycler and Gel-proAnalyzer, etc. In last 9 years, our center awarded the national andregional sustentation found about 100 million RMB, (nearly 125000USD). Last year, National Tissue Engineering (Shanghai) R&DCenter was set up by national administration, Shanghai government,several universities and many investment companies about 150million RMB. It is major in the commercial development of thetissue engineered products.

Under the leading of Prof. Yilin Cao, our center has made manygreat progresses. We have constructed tissue engineered bone,cartilage, skin and tendon in vivo of the large mammal, andsucceeded in applying correlative tissue to repair the defects.Tissue engineered bone has been applied in clinic and gets the welleffects. On the other hand, the construction of tissue engineeredblood vessel, cornea and nerve have gotten well long with. In thebasic research, our center has established the embryonic stem cellsand induced them on the differentiation of VEGF, nerve andcartilage. In recent, Shanghai Tissue Engineering Center hassucceeded in constructing the tissue engineered cartilage, tendonand skin in vitro. This has laid the foundation for the furtherdevelopment of the tissue engineering commercialization. Theseabove study results are recognized by the internationalcontemporary who is profession the same.


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He graduatedfrom Shanghai Second Medical University with a MD degree in 1975and with a PhD degree in 1991.




James Barrett Brown Prize,USA

Distinguished Youth of National Nature Science Fund

National Invention Prize


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