Key Laboratory of Cell Differentiation and Apoptosis, Ministry of Education

Cell Differentiation and Apoptosis Chinese Ministry ofEducation was established in 2005. Among the 22 staffs, there are 1professor, 6 associate professors, among whom 80% own the We recruit about 5 graduate students each year and now thenumber of graduates is about 30. During the latest 5 years, 10youthful teachers have been granted National Nature ScienceFoundation. Relying on the extensive international cooperationsystem, several youthful teachers are doing research work in thecooperative institutions in the United States, France orGermany.


9th Floor, Building 5, No 280 Chong Qing Rd.(S)


Chen Guoqiang


Vice Dean andDirector



Hengyang Medical College, Hunan, China Bachelor 1980-1985

Shanghai Second Medical Universtiy, China M.D. 1985-1988

Shanghai Second Medical Universtiy, China Ph.D. 1993-1996

On the basis of hypoxia induced leukemic cell differentiation, Dr.Chen reported the signal mechanism of leukemic cell differentiationon the principal axis of “hypoxia inducible factor(HIF-1a)-C/EBPa”, at the same time, he reported that phospholipidscramblase 1 (PLSCR1) could lead to leukemic cell differentiation,and nanomolar concentration of a new camptothecin analog NSC606985could induce leukemic cell apoptosis. Besides that, the research ofproteomics along with leukemia related proteins have also gainedgreat achievements.


ChemicalBiology for cancers, Leukemic cell proteomics


ShanghaiNature Science Award 2008

Shanghai Scientific and Technological Progress Award 2005

Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award 2005

Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Award 2008 2005


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