State R&D Center of Tissue Engineering

Founded in 2005, the National Tissue Engineering ResearchCenter of China (NTEC) is located in the Zizhu Science Zone ofMinhang District. Covering an area of 37 acreages, it consists ofthe Research Department, the Manufacturing Department and ahospital for the application of tissue-engineered products, withthe total construction area over 10,000 m2. Aiming at creating aworld-famous life science center in the 21st century, NTECpossesses excellent scientific research potential. Professor CaoYilin, the Chief Scientist of National ‘973’ Project Foundation, isappointed as the director of NTEC. More than 20 projects in thefield of tissue engineering, stem cell, biomaterials, and othermedical sciences, including the National ‘973’ Project,‘863’Project, and the Natural Science Foundation Project of China, arenow being carried out in NTEC. The principal purpose of NTEC is toapply tissue engineering techniques to repair the damagedtissue/organ and to restore its impaired function/shape. Facultymembers in NTEC have received high evaluation on their achievementsby domestic and foreign authorities in the basic and clinicalresearch of bone, cartilage, skin, tendon, vessel and cornea tissueengineering.


No 68, East Jiangchuan Road, Shanghai






MD, PhD., Shanghai Second Medical Universtiy, 1988, the chief scientist of National ‘973’ ProjectFoundation


Tissueengineering, plastic surgery


James BarrettBrown Prize; National Technological Innovative Prize


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