State Key Laboratory ofMedical Genomics

State KeyLaboratory of Medical Genomics, Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversitySchool of Medicine (Lab for short) was approved officially byNational Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) on November 26,2001. The research orientation of the Lab centers on solving thekey scientific problems in life and medical sciences, andintegrating the latest scientific achievements of genomics into themedical practice. Over the past 5 years, a series of technologicalplatforms of genomics including large-scale genomic sequencing andgenotyping, DNA mutation detection, biochips for tranome andproteome analysis, large-scale transgenics and knockout modelorganisms and bioinformatics were implemented. With the malignantcancers such as leukemia and other human diseases with highprevalence in China such as primary hypertension and type IIdiabetes as the objects for study, the Lab is focusing on thelocalization and identification of disease-related genes and thecharacterization of the regulatory pathways and network of theirprotein products. In the meantime, the Lab has been developingmolecular mechanism-based new methods of disease prevention,diagnosis and treatment, in order to improve health and advance thenation’s capability of prevention and cure of diseases. During2001-April 2009, the Lab had altogether 125 papers published on thecore journals, such as Science, Nature Genetics, PNAS, Blood,Oncogene and Leukemia. Furthermore, the Lab has formed widecollaboration with scientific organizations in many countries andregions such as USA, UK, France, Japan and Hong Kong.The Lab won agreat number of important national and international awards,including Second prize of the Chinese National Natural SciencesAward, Kettering Prize for cancer research, le Prix Mondial Cinodel Duca, the Charles Rodolphe Brupbacher Prize for CancerResearch, Prix de l’Qise de La Legue Nationale contre le Cancer,Cheung Kong Scholars Achievement Award, ISI® Citation ClassicAward, and etc.


197 Rui-Jin Er Road, Shanghai 200025,China






1972-1975: Shanghai Second Medical University(SSMU),Bachelor of Medicine

1978-1982: SSMU, Master of Medical Sciences

1986-1989: Saint-Louis Hospital, University Paris VII. Paris,France,Doctor of Science


1)Pathogenesis of leukemia

2) Translational study of target therapy of leukemia


2000:Nomination for L’ORÉAL-UNESCO Awards

2000: National Model Worker, State Council of China

2000: DuPont Innovation Award

2001: Top Ten Outstanding Women Workers of China

2001: Science and Technology Progress Award, He Liang He LiFoundation

2001: Second Prize, National Natural Science Award, State Councilof China

2004: Award for Outstanding Woman, Women Federation ofChina

2005: Top Ten Women Elite, National Women Federation ofChina

2005: Award for Outstanding Woman, Women Federation ofShanghai

2005: National Model Worker, State Council of China

2007: Award for Outstanding Teacher of Shanghai

2008: Award for Honor in Medicine of Shanghai


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