Shanghai Institute ofAndrology

Shanghai Institute of Andrology (SIA), established inDec.2001, is the first Institute of Andrology in China. Theinceptive work of SIA could be traced back to 1960's. With theunremitting efforts of the elder professors, such as Professor WangYi-xin and Professor Jiang Yu, SIA has evolved into a leadinginstitute featuring both preclinical and clinical research inandrology. The research area of SIA covers major researchhighlights of andrology, including assisted reproductivetechnology, adolescent reproductive health and the pathogenesis,early diagnosis and treatment of male infertility, male sexualdysfunction and prostate disease.

SIA takes charge of one state-level periodical (Chinese Journal ofAndrology), one embryo laboratory of human reproductive medicinecenter and the only human sperm bank in Shanghai (authorized by theNational Ministry of Health). Three andrology research centerslisted as follows are also under supervision of SIA--NationalAndrologic Training Center (issuing National training certificate),Chinese National Research Center of Andrology, and the largestandorologic Clinical Center in China.


Middle Shandong Road 145, Shanghai




Professor/Chief physician


l Mar, 1978-Dec, 1982 Bachelor of clinical medicine,Jiangxi medical college.

l Sep, 1986-Jul, 1989 Master's degree of Urology, Shanghai SecondMedical University.


Maleinfertility, Erectile Dysfunction, Prostate Disease


1)1998selected into the “one hundred elites training program of ShanghaiHealth System”

2)Awarded as “top ten young doctors of Renji hospital”, 1st editionof Outstanding Young doctor of Renji hospital, candidate ofacademic leader of Renji hospital, advanced worker of Shanghai Jiaotong University school of medicine

3)2002 Awarded as advanced worker of Shanghai board ofhealth

4)2004 Awarded as top ten doctors of Shanghai HealthSystem

5)2006 Awarded May lst Labour Medal of Shanghai

6)2007 Awarded Wu Jie-ping Urology Prize


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